A position in the minds of the Chinese LED products in Russia

by:Sehon     2020-10-27

at present, the fluorescent and LED lights and other energy-saving lamps products made in China in Russia has accounted for 60% of the market, the poor quality of the product is the biggest problem is that, do not conform to the requirements of the relevant technical standards and environmental protection, low service life and easy to cause harm to human body.

in addition, some little-known Chinese companies without sales and popularity, but are eager to lobby the local government, participate in national and regional government procurement, cause to enter the Russian market of Chinese products & other; The sham as the genuine & throughout; 。

a: product category

Russia energy saving lighting products can be divided into the following kinds: one is the improved type of incandescent lamp, Two points A and B) Electricity or halogen lamp, the product can be 20% & ndash; 45%, 2 life & ndash; Three years, the price of 2. 5 - 6. $5 / only; The second is the compact fluorescent lamps, energy-saving products 65% & ndash; 6 80%, life & ndash; 20 years, the price is 6. 5 - $26 / only; Third, light-emitting diodes, or leds, power saving 80% & ndash; 90%, the price is 13 & ndash; $52 / only.

2: system arrangement

the Russian government in 2009 formulated the outline of the 2030 energy strategy, regulations on January 1, 2011 start banned the sale of 100 mw and above the incandescent lamp, started in 2013 to ban 75 mw and above the incandescent lamp, 2014 of more than 25 w incandescent lamp will be scored from shelves, and sentence for incandescent bulbs & other; Sentence & throughout; 。

3: urban construction

in Russia, the Soviet era of typical standard flat is no longer popular, in building up the modern city and its periphery, personalized design apartment and cottage everywhere. Many cities are building a new stadium, sports venues, swimming pool, restaurant, hotel, Russia type small bar, etc. These changes make public places lighting, indoor lighting, and expanding the application range of the road lighting. Ago, Russia's lighting market mainly confined to Moscow and st Petersburg such international metropolis, has now been extended to east avtovaz, the urals and Siberia and the far east and south of Russia.

above all, to change China's manufacture = inferior hat, it is not happen overnight, must strictly control the domestic product quality, make the made in China brand bigger and brighter.

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