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Hangzhou SEHON Technology Co Ltd,established in 2011,has manufactured for a customer in over 60 countries.
With our vision in energy-saving solutions and emphasis on new technologies and innovation,
SEHON,as the energy-saving leader,has developed a wide spectrum of products in both local and international markets,and thus was granted both national and international certificates of quality.
Not only have we focused on energy-saving objectives,but also a quality standard in every manufacturing process from production,packaging, to overseas sales, Our company has been internationally guaranteed with ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:1996 for our product quality, management system, along with the environmental policy.
Most importantly, our mission is delivering the best to customers is always our priority.


Why Choose Us

SEHON lighting is one of the professional manufacturers which specialize in developing, producing and selling for decorative led filament lamps.
Design your art, illuminate your life, which has become SEHON is the motto followed by our seek-perfection founders, experienced craftsmen and dedicated R&d engineers.
We take intellectual property as our foundation to develop the business further and have dozens of our own patented design lamps, which have a continuous sales market over these years, especially in Europe.
What we also believe is that life is an art, the customer is himself the designer. Any unique OEM/ODM requirements will be executed accurately as well as the quality 100% controlled to ensure your ideas fully"Shine".
Under the high skills of the R&D team, all of our products have got various certifications, Such as CE, ROHS, EMC, LVD, ERP, CUL, etc. We surely have the confidence to meet all the whole markets is a variety of needs.
SEHON lighting continues to be at the forefront of innovation and manufacturing. Sehon lighting will continue to work with it is customers to provide innovative lighting solutions for years to come.

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