About multiple LED project-light lamp

by:Sehon     2020-10-03

LED project-light lamp component is mainly project-light lamp shell and LED power supply, now on the market most of LED project-light lamp shell is characterized by aluminum, aluminum alloy and other metal materials. The scale of the small power LED project-light lamp, generally smaller than high power LED scale, the scale of the high power LED project-light lamp general too close or components are the same. LED project-light lamp shell dimensions for length * width * height,

width dimension under 200 * 200 mm, cast light weight about 1 ~ 2 kg;

width dimension at around 250 * 250 mm, project-light lamp component in 2 ~ 4 kg;

width dimension at around 350 * 350 mm, project-light lamp component generally in 5 ~ 6 kg or more.

detailed component to refer to the LED project-light lamp product parameters, different LED project-light lamp manufacturer to produce different product scale, product shell main data is not necessarily the same.

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