About science and technology of surveying of land contract energy management of the implementation of the process

by:Sehon     2020-10-09

the company recently launched contract energy management service got the attention of various agents and enterprises, are successively for the service of consulting, estimated operating procedures? Here to explain the implementation of the service process.

a: energy audit

according to the user's current lighting lamp, to evaluate energy consumption of all kinds of lamps and lanterns, determine the actual electricity energy consumption level of the current user. This stage is the starting point of my company to provide users with services, the company of professional audit, the situation of the energy to users to evaluate the proposed measures of energy saving transformation, and the results will communicate with the customer.

2: energy saving retrofit scheme design

on the basis of the energy audit, by my company to provide customers with energy saving retrofit scheme design, this scheme is different from the replacement of a single equipment, energy saving products and technologies of sales, including project implementation plan and the energy-saving benefit after the transformation of the analysis and prediction, the user do & other; Some idea & throughout; In order to fully understand the effect of energy saving reconstruction.

3: energy management contract negotiation and signing of

on the basis of the energy audit and retrofit scheme design, EMC, the energy conservation service contract negotiations with customers. Under normal circumstances, as a result of EMC for project most of the risk, so in the contract ( Generally for 8 to 10 years or so) EMC share most of the economic benefits of the project, a small number of economic benefits to the user. For termination of contract, EMC and users no longer share the economic benefits, all economic benefits to the user.

4: project investment

after the contract signing, in the actual implementation of energy-saving renovation project phase. Because of contract energy management is acceptable for the energy conservation service mechanism, users in the process of the implementation of the renovation project, don't need any investment, our company is responsible for the procurement of raw materials and equipment according to the project design, the cost paid by our company.

5: construction, equipment procurement, installation and debugging

according to the contract, project construction shall be the responsibility of the EMC. Stipulated in the contract, the user to provide convenient conditions for the construction of the EMC. That my service is provided by the company & other; Comprehensive & throughout; Service that includes both soft services such as design, construction, installation and debugging, but also to provide users with energy saving equipment and system such as physical objects. And as part of the service, the energy-saving equipment and the system will be formed by purchasing investment from my company.

6: personnel training, equipment operation, maintenance and maintenance

after the completion of equipment installation and debugging in commissioning phase. We also will be responsible for training users of related personnel, to ensure that can provide in the correct operation and maintenance, maintenance, renovation of the advanced energy saving equipment and systems. During the contract period, and, because of a device or system itself, the damage caused by my company responsible for the maintenance, and bear the relevant expenses.

7: the benefit monitoring, energy saving and

after the completion of the project, my company together with the users in accordance with the stipulated in the contract energy management mode for the actual monitoring of energy saving and energy saving benefit, confirmed in the contract by my company to provide energy saving level of the project. As the basis of both sides benefit sharing.

8: energy-saving benefit sharing

due to all the input to the project ( Including energy audit, design, raw materials and equipment procurement, civil engineering, equipment installation and commissioning, training, and system maintenance, etc. ) Is provided by the EMC, and so in the project contract period, EMC for the whole project ownership. Users will be energy saving benefit by EMC to share part of the quarter by quarter or pay the EMC project cost year by year. Based on the total cost stipulated in the contract payment is completed, EMC handed the project to the user, the user has the ownership of the project.

the whole cooperation process basic is like this, if the cooperation of the company contract energy management process have any comments, please contact us, we will according to the needs of customers make more scientific and more reasonable solution.

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