About the damp environment affect the service life of LED bulb light

by:Sehon     2020-10-17

we also know that because of the hurricane maria now login, the regional climate has the precipitation process, illumination on some areas are also affected by climate change.

taking questions about LED lamps and lanterns, LED lamps and lanterns is taking by a variety of factors influence, whether indoor LED lamps and lanterns, is still the field of LED lamps and lanterns, LED lamps and lanterns stature by use of the environmental impact is very big, meanwhile, humid environment impact of LED lamps and lanterns stature is larger.

we can often see some LED lamps and lanterns will happen & other; Water mist & throughout; , such as indoor lights the candle lights, LED ball bubble lamp, etc. , or wild LED street lamp, buried lights, lighting for a period of time after the casing wall will appear the phenomenon of water, water mist.

the LED lamps and lanterns of general assembly consists of several different data, for example, some LED lamps and lanterns of the cooling part is metal, chimney for plastic, etc. LED lamps and lanterns must heat occurs at work, different materials of different thermal expansion coefficient, after long-term use will occur in the joint of different information gap and air intake.

when the LED lamps and lanterns in the environment of the humidity is bigger when using, chimney internal and external temperature is different, chimney internal heated gas chimney in the cold, if the gas contained more steam, water spray and drip phenomenon occurs, continue to light after a period of time, this phenomenon will disappear.

other, humid environment will affect the LED drive power supply of electronic components, electronic components be affected with damp be affected with damp, lamps and lanterns days be shortened.

therefore, humid environment is also one of the elements that affect a good LED lamps and lanterns. In addition to the special LED lamps and lanterns, general use LED lamps and lanterns should be avoid in the moist environment.

the place on put together is narrated, the moist environment full of general LED ball steep light is influential. Summer hot and rainy, rain dili humid air; When hot air dry dust. A variety of reasons will affect the LED ball steep light life spans.

you only need a family ball steep light guide circulation can deal with all problems!

the latest hurricane maria log in, make the protection of lamps and lanterns, also should pay attention to itself and other Protection & throughout; 。

dry season, often a thunder, accidental damage due to lightning emerge in endlessly, so small make up in this give you the popular science knowledge of popular science rotten:

1, the thunderstorm right, don't stand in high places.

2, thunderstorm right, don't to shelter under a tree or building the wall.

3, thunderstorm right, as far as possible to avoid the wire, do not pass under the wire, more do not use hand to contact wires.

4, thunderstorm right, try to wear shoes, don't walk barefoot in the outdoor or play with water.

5, thunderstorm right, try not to play mobile phones and all electrical equipment operation.

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