All three years to replace LED public lighting area in guangdong province

by:Sehon     2020-10-08

LED is high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, a new generation of light source. In order to speed up the popularization and application, promote energy conservation and emissions reduction, and pull the LED lighting and related industry development, guangdong province began to implement & other; Three years of popular LED public lighting & throughout; The work plan. On May 28, the provincial government requirements took the lead in the field of public lighting, namely, roads, public places, government agencies, state-owned enterprises and institutions such as finance or state-owned capital investment of the construction of the lighting engineering field, complete popularization and application of LED lighting products. From now on, the above areas building are using LED lighting engineering products; The original use of LED lighting products transformation completed within three years.

LED lighting environmental protection and money

'implementation plan', according to the project of guangdong province will be through the implementation of roads, public places, government agencies, the LED lighting demonstration project of state-owned enterprises and institutions, the diameter of lighting energy saving more than 50%, compared to the same and to pull the entire province LED industry & other; Five-year & throughout; The final output value 500 billion yuan of above. The original LED lighting products, is completed by the end of 2014 to upgrade. The pearl river delta region took the lead at the end of next year to complete. At the same time, public lighting area as the demonstration to stimulate and relevant supporting policies to promote, promote social application in various fields of LED lighting products, and to cover rural areas.

in recent three years, the high power LED products of guangdong province has cut prices by about two-thirds. However, this kind of lamps and lanterns is still more expensive than traditional lamps and lanterns. So, why want to promote it? According to be responsible for the project implementation of the provincial department of measurement, the application of LED not only to energy conservation and environmental protection, and in fact because of the durability of lamps and lanterns and less power consumption, the economic benefits of application is also very prominent. For example, 2 million LED street lamp renovation project of guangdong province with a total investment of 48. 900 million yuan. After modification, cut down the cost of electricity and in the light alone each year up to 1. 5 billion yuan. In the whole LED life ( About 9 years) Inside, can save electricity 10. 8 billion KWH, equivalent to 3. 79 million tons of standard coal saving, reduce sulfur dioxide emissions of 70000 tons, reduce carbon dioxide emissions of 2. 68 million tons, reduce soot emissions of 70000 tons, the benefit is huge.

as guangzhou city about 100000 lamps have the total number of application of LED street light, power saving rate of more than 50%. Such as the southern power grid, a comprehensive energy company was set up in the first year of implementation of contract energy management project in 33, power saving of 25. 17 million KWH each year. The implementation of guangzhou power supply bureau office building and shaoguan evolution market LED lighting renovation project, energy-saving rate of more than 70%, the average intensity of illumination and color rendering index is up more than 20%.

tax incentive policy help promote

for application LED the city, from the electricity on the percentage of public utilities in the additional energy saving benefit, can pay LED transformation investment, and can produce obvious economic benefit and effect of energy conservation and emissions reduction.

according to statistics, at present the province city construction fee collection standard is 1. 4 cents per KWH, actual used for street light electricity and operation and maintenance costs of 0. 6 - 0. 7 points per kilowatt-hour, so will not affect the balance on the city construction fee.

advocated by renovation project contract energy management mode of operation, the designated public lighting around the department in charge of the business unit as the owner, through the bidding way to determine energy service company, supervision institutions, energy audit and energy-saving assessment services. Grid and play to the role of the electric power demand side management main body, realize the intelligent control and effective management of road lighting load.

the project will implement the national and provincial finance and tax incentives, such as the festival of energy application one-time financial incentives, namely the central and provincial reward for energy-saving standard is 320 yuan/tons of standard coal. You also can enjoy the corresponding preferential tax.

the provincial government requirements: around to listed to formulate the corresponding target, setting clear time schedule, to promote the implementation of the application engineering. The provincial government also include application tasks in energy conservation and emissions reduction level above the city around the inspection scope, and annual appraisal report from this year.

with the government attaches great importance to the LED lighting, LED lighting into large-scale government projects, consumers for the mission of the LED lighting is further deepened, the LED lighting to replace traditional lighting lamps and lanterns of process will be more smooth and more rapid.

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