Analysis of the technical principle of the LED wash wall lamp

by:Sehon     2020-10-13

in recent years, LED wash wall lamp has been widely applied to various places, such as company building walls, government building surroundings, former history built wall lighting, entertainment, etc. ; Touched by the scale is becoming more and more widely.

the basic parameters, high power LED wash wall lamp

LED wash wall lamp and fence tube is that there are many similarities, let us in the qin dynasty LED wash wall lamp as an example to introduce its parameters:

1. Voltage

LED wash wall lamp voltage can be subdivided into: 220 v, 110 v, 36 v, 24 v, 12 v, several, so let's just as choosing power will pay attention to the corresponding voltage.

2。 Operating temperature

because wash wall lamp is usually used in the field, so this parameter becomes more important, also to the requirement of temperature is higher, general situation of temperature field in - let's requirements 40 ℃ + 60 ℃ can work. But to wash the wall lamp is made of heat dissipation good aluminum shell, so this requirement usually wash wall lights are able to meet the requirements.

3。 LED lamp bead number

general number of leds to wash the wall lamp is 9/300 mm, 18/600 mm, 27/900 mm, mm, 36/1000 36/1200 mm.

4。 Protection grade

this is one of the important parameters to wash the wall lamp, also is affecting the quality of guardrail tube now important goal, we must carry on the strict request, let's use in the field, above requirements should be in waterproof grade IP65 is best. Also requires the related pressure, fracture resistance, high and low temperature resistance, flame retardant, resistance to impact aging class IP65, 6 representative completely avoid dust into; 5 representative: wash with water without any damage.

5。 Manipulation method

for LED wash wall lamp, there are two kinds of control methods: internal control and external control. Internal control is not an external control, personnel control system planning in xian wall lamp inside, the degree of effect can't be changed. External control is the external control device, its action can be adjusted through the control button and change. Usually on big projects, customer requests can change their role, we are with this external control plan. There are also many washing wall support DMX512 control system directly.

6。 Color standard

2, 4, 6 paragraphs long, 8 period of full color color, colorful color, red, yellow, green, blue, purple, white color such as

7. Luminous point

the luminous viewpoint generally have a narrow ( Around 20 degrees) (in, Around 50 degrees) , wide ( 120 degrees) Three, now, the high power led wash wall lamp, The narrow point of view) A useful projection interval of 20 - the longest 50 m

8. Reflective mirror

glass lens, the light transmittance is 98 - 98%, is not easy to spray, resistant to UV radiation

9. Is generally selected light source

1 w, 3 wled as light source, but because of the skill is not mature, now the choose 1 w are common, deploying because 3 w calorific value, delete hot do owe good droop is faster. Above parameters in our selection of high power LED wash wall lamp time it is necessary to consider the parameters, in order to second distribution of LED tube announced cut light damage, make better illumination, wash wall lamp each LED tube will have a high photosynthetic efficiency made of PMMA lens. Now I wash the wall lamp after manipulation of the cohesion of the figure let us more easy to understand.

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