At present domestic road lighting LED lights should be changed?

by:Sehon     2020-11-01

now domestic LED street lamp usage has transformed from the original pilot promotion to popularize and apply, often a streetlight project orders reached tens of thousands of lights, the current market hot degree should be attributed to the local government to promote energy-saving emission reduction projects. But at present domestic LED lights market suspected overdeveloped. LED street lamp product maturity of large-scale promotion, will not be enough to get too quickly push to bring not the progress of technology, but the irrational investment. Street lamp now the biggest problem is that the product is not yet mature, is not suitable for large-scale promotion. Brightness, illumination and other technical indicators and sustainability are not complete validation.

in the past few years, LED lights every year hundreds of thousands of problems were found, thousands of patents in application, this means that the technical maturity are not enough. LED lights need to stable development of three to five years, three to five years technology and genres of forming can be achieved. Now suddenly to such a big action to promote, probably LED street lamp technology is not mature, the whole market space has already been melted.

too quickly push the irrational investment, rather than technological progress as a decline in the cost of product development and the space will be wasted. And the market is a finite resource, unable to achieve sustainability.

the Chinese lighting market is the market relations, is not the quality of the product and price. Due to the abnormal of the market, has caused many immature products circulation. The market for the product guidance is not pointing to the product quality and performance, makes a lot of street lamp enterprises energy is not on the product research and development.

so think surveying of land science and technology, the present stage is not advocated existing street lamp replacement for the LED street light, because the product is not mature, there are 2 or 3 years. Present a new road to use LED lighting product, test usage, only making large-scale change plan.

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