At present export situation of LED industry

by:Sehon     2020-10-23

ningbo in LED lighting applications, there is a group in the domestic the strongest, the highest market share of street lamp production backbone enterprises and related production enterprises of lamps and lanterns, annual export volume of more than 1 billion yuan, it has become the country's largest LED lamps and lanterns of form a complete set of production base, product distribution, and one of the important export base.

we ningbo inspection and quarantine bureau recently 140 LED lamps and lanterns of export enterprises in ningbo area are the survey results, you can see that on the export of the LED lamps and lanterns industry can be roughly divided into the following two aspects:

a: export growth, Europe and the United States is the main object

there currently are LED lamps and lanterns 373 export enterprises in ningbo area, according to statistics, in 2011, ningbo area 9490 batch export LED lamps and lanterns, the value 2. 46 $200 million, value compared with the previous year growth. 7%.

look from export region, old area biggest export, export amounted to 8634. 42 $40000, compared with the previous year growth. 3%. The second is yuyao and yinzhou district, compared with the previous year's exports of 5816 respectively. $50000 and 4557. 60000 dollars.

from the exporter, Europe and the United States is a major trading countries and regions. Exports to the eu in 2011, ningbo area of LED lamps and lanterns value of 1. 500 million dollars, of total exports in 68. 2%; Export value of 2650 in the United States. $30000, or 12 of the total export. 0%.

2: better corporate earnings, confidence in development prospects

compared with traditional lamps, LED lamps and lanterns, profits more than 30%, so the enterprise is relatively good profit.

questionnaire survey, 32. 9% of corporate profits in good condition, 55. 0% of corporate earnings, slightly basic no profit or loss of only 12. 1%. At the same time, the industry outlook of enterprises confidence is sufficient, 36. 4% of companies said with confidence, 59. 3% said confidence, and lack of confidence or no confidence only 4. 3%.

has a certain industrial foundation, mainly small and medium-sized enterprise scale.

according to the survey, 48. 6% of companies before entering the LED lamps and lanterns industry engaged in the traditional industry of lamps and lanterns, there are 26. 4% of enterprises engaged in electric light source or other LED industry, and engaged in has nothing to do with the LED industry or new business accounted for 25%. But at the same time, dominated by small and medium size enterprises.

according to the survey, 46. 4% of the annual turnover in 5 million yuan the following, 36. 4% of companies between 5 million and 20 million yuan, but only 17. 2% of the enterprises exports reached more than 20 million yuan.

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