At this stage of the LED market road how should go

by:Sehon     2020-10-16

in 2012, will be a year of rapid development of LED lighting, why do you say so? It is estimated that 2012 LED application in building lighting output will grow to six double than last year. 8. 4 billion dollars. Lighting market this year will be dominated by the original fluorescent lights, neon lights for the market, move slowly toward LED lighting direction. There is no denying the fact that the future of LED lamps and lanterns is expected to fully replace the neon lights, and then become the protagonist of the building lighting market.

although LED lighting as a new generation of lighting products, is one of the main representative products as a milestone in the lighting industry, LED lighting in each aspect all present a thriving good picture, but now China's LED lighting market twilight, when on earth can see clearer sky also worth exploring. Most of the current Chinese enterprises in the middle and lower reaches of industry chain, industry chain upstream only a fraction of China's enterprises, and the survival difficult, Chinese enterprises will eat this technical problem is tempting cake primary obstacles.

with state and local governments to the LED industry big efforts to support, various preferential policies and measures of the enterprise. So, contributed to a tide of local scrambling to large LED production base. Because of the downstream technology threshold is low, naturally became the most appropriate incision into the LED industry, so the necessary outcome of a large-scale investment in the downstream industry chain is redundant construction and waste of resources, and even produce excess capacity and bubble.

due to a lot of LED production enterprises have sprung up everywhere constantly, only in the guangdong region of Taiwan lighting enterprises reached more than 500. Large enterprises are concentrated in the downstream industry chain, thus lead to the downstream industry chain competition, reminders, lower and lower profits, enterprises in order to seize market, some had to lower the quality of the products for cheap prices, thus result in the present stage one of the reasons for the domestic LED market is such a mess.

the vicious competition of enterprise will reduce the market given the ability of production capacity, may even destroy just establish confidence in the market, different enterprise qualifications, products are good and bad are intermingled, severely dampened consumer trust, this to the development of a new industry is quite dangerous, if the market recognition, the existing industry will stagnate, are white elephant in the market, the situation is not optimistic, this also is current market sales is the main factor of the doldrums.

so at this stage of the LED market road how should they go? How to make the LED industry on the right track, so there is no doubt that is not the enterprise itself can complete the task, the national and the government must intervene to adjust the LED industry, industry norms, product specification. So as to restore consumer confidence, if it was too slow to roll out the corresponding measures, the popularity of LED road will be increasingly difficult to go.

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