But the government caused the LED industry. A mess

by:Sehon     2020-09-27

recently, China's semiconductor lighting engineering research and development and industry association deputy secretary-general lan-fang Yang pointed out that, along with the continuously increasing investment, local governments in the next three years, LED lighting industry in China will go into explosive growth.

in recent years, the country to increase the LED industry to the position of the strategic emerging industries, the intention of changing the situation of our country in the field of lighting energy-consuming, high pollution. This policy, the LED industry enterprises have mushroomed blossom everywhere. Both traditional lighting companies, and other investors to focus in the field of infinite industry uniformly aim at the market, the instantaneous let China engaged in LED production, research and development, sales, installation, and other enterprises are everywhere. But is it true that the industry can change the status quo of high energy consumption?

from central to local, are introduced to support the development of LED industry policy, some even repeatedly post request, the city public lighting and other LED products must be used. However, feedback from the market news show, LED technology is not mature at present, there is no unified national standards, not to mention the international standard. All enterprises engaged in the LED industry that the leather qualities. For example, the service life of the LED lamps and lanterns is 50000 hours, some even claimed to have 100000 hours, who is such a long life to verify? Don't, rely on the word since said? Experts say, even if the physical experiment was carried out, and also to the corresponding time, these companies have such a test basis?

as long as a little attention has been installed the LED street light, it is not difficult to find a lot of problems. Just change the LED light source, is effect is very obvious, but after a period of verification, its light failure is very serious, even reached the fuzzy state. And damage rate is extremely high, almost more than half of the LED street light can't work normally. Isn't this, specific questions? However, these phenomena, and who in the regulatory? There is only, grandstanding spoil things by excessive enthusiasm.

of course, such a phenomenon is absolutely not a LED company would admit that no one of the so-called experts will tell the truth. Because, this is the state encourages strategic emerging industries, even if the technology is immature, conditions do not have to force also horse and galloped type development, in order to cater to the needs of the policy, in order to national great support fund. As for the effect of the product, the consumer complaints are not entrepreneurs will consider the problem. Project, the selling concept, cheat money, buffalo, and how many entrepreneurs in doing this?

some so-called first brand, international brand, domestic listed companies such as brand, product quality is seen, launched by the government installed around the LED public lighting, believe the feeling is very strong. But, they never tell the truth, did not play their own face, open their computers. Not only that, it will continue to walk along this road to the end, cover for their own choices. Isn't this industry crisis? Believe that leadership gentlemen heart is like a mirror, only silence.

' The lighting capital of China & throughout; A leader has to communicate with the author, he complained that the market of LED lighting lamps and lanterns of enthusiasm is not high, lack of spending power. Actually, the gentleman don't understand consumers, more do not understand the market, only know the world. Just think, if the LED lamps and lanterns can really satisfy the service life of 50000 hours, and light failure problem won't appear, why consumers won't accept? Prices are still questions? Once upon a time, this was seized several produce counterfeit LED products workshop, believe that it was found that only the tip of the iceberg, there are many enterprises, even big companies also hidden in the deep place, unable to stop. As a result, the chaos of LED industry can not cluster?

national and local booster industry forward, all can't ignore the industry standards and regulation. Otherwise, in the next few years, LED lighting industry, or will appear crisis, also can let people to lose faith is regarded as a strategic emerging industries to save energy, make the whole LED industry on the blow from the scrubber, lawless, the mess will also spread to every corner, every good idea will be shattered, it not matter?

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