Consider life cycle factors, LED lamp over traditional lamps and lanterns

by:Sehon     2020-10-14

since efficient lighting products promotion, countries LED lighting products into subsidies to promote hearsay, it finally attained policy, for LED lighting enterprise eagerly looking forward to for a long time, is undoubtedly a wedding. But, in contact with some LED lighting enterprise, the author found that behind their tender passion, but also has a hard mask.

so, what is the reason for holding the national good policy & other; Package & throughout; The LED lighting enterprise in delight at the same time still has lingering melancholy? It is not difficult to find out the answer to this problem actually. It is conceivable that at present stage, the LED lighting product promotion is not a easy thing, the difficulty of promotion can be envisioned. As is known to all, at present, the LED products and technology maturity, the market price is not transparent and so on factors, LED the market price is still high. And high prices will no doubt be LED lighting products & other; Stand in the way & throughout; 。

it should be said that at present LED lighting products in the market has not really established, promotion is still only in government projects and large user more, still find it hard to get people to accept and recognition, few people willing to pay several times the price to buy more LED lighting products, even if the government departments and large user of LED lighting is also inseparable from the push of government power, all by consciously force remains weak.

in fact, appear this kind of situation is the people for the LED lighting products are still lack of correct understanding and scientific analysis. On the contrary, if you change an Angle to examine the purchase and use of LED lighting products, will have another kind of know the results. And can change the results of this knowledge, the concept of the whole life cycle cost. If for the understanding of the lighting products, focus on the product whole life cycle, will no longer make problem becomes relatively complicated. So-called lighting products whole life cycle cost includes not only occur when users purchasing costs, but also include the cost of using that happened after the user to buy, waste cost and disposal cost, etc. If from the point of view of a more generalized product whole life cycle cost, also includes the cost of social responsibility. Social responsibility cost is not a single cost, it is the product of the process of production, use, disposal and recycling costs, mainly as a result of environmental sanitation, pollution treatment costs.

there is no denying the fact that the current LED lighting products is out several times more expensive than ordinary lighting products price, but, if consider from whole life cycle, the LED lighting products in use process due to the energy saving effect is remarkable factors such as cost savings and relatively long service life, will make the LED lighting product whole life cycle cost is lower than the ordinary lighting products instead. At the same time, countries also benefit from energy saving and emission reduction, significantly reducing the costs of social responsibility.

as a result, the promotion of LED lighting and other energy-saving products, from the viewpoint of total life cycle cost considerations, are very important.

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