Detailed LED wash wall light of the world

by:Sehon     2020-11-01

about LED wash wall lamp, trust will not be unfamiliar, but mention understanding of wash wall lamp, we are basically trust a man who knows the name the use, LED lights manufacturers - - - - - - - Here to inform us of is surveying of land science and technology, LED wash wall lamp international is wonderful!

LED wash wall lamp is ubiquitous in our days, especially with regard to urban life, having large, multi-function way of lighting, and planning of lamp shell, is also a way to extend using life of lamps and lanterns, lamp shell structure of the special planning, make the wind circulation can accelerate the cooling effect, together down wind resistance, reduce the pressure of a light pole load or light load.

LED wash wall lamp on the common structure is conducive to shell water discharge, new-style waterproof silicone, can ensure the sealing of lamps and lanterns, ensure no water and dust. Lamp shell and the cooling part of an organic whole, to avoid the traditional lamp shell can't ambition to deal with the disadvantages of LED heat dissipation.

LED lighting manufacturer, points out that LED wash wall lamp to thicken high thermal conductivity aluminum as the main body, heat dissipation can forward the real-time thermal conductivity; Wave type of heat sink can add cooling area, effectively advance the heat dissipation effect. The whole structure of the center heat dissipation is superior to both sides, and then have the effect of heat evenly, make whole street lamp in the using process more secure. Second, because the LED wash wall lamp shell material heat dissipation area is large, the main body of the lamp body shell can be customized according to customer's demand. Choose lightweight alloy materials and high-tech spraying technology, shell no rust, no corrosion. For IP55 protection grade of the closed shell, not only satisfied the safety of the outdoor use function requirements, more forward of the durable function of lamps and lanterns, reducing the workload of protection.

LED wash wall light function is very strong, has played a great effect on our days, also made a great devotion to city beautification, and follow the lamps and lanterns lighting professional development, its market continues to expand, with technical progress, its function, structure, also will be more and more perfect.

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