Details about the led bulb price difference

by:Sehon     2020-10-18

has a long history of human power, since Edison created the light bulb into the incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, etc. The use of the s, led bulbs as a new type of light-emitting diodes (leds), with high efficiency, long life advantages, was deeply loved by the masses of customers, since the present market of led bulbs price gap is very big, why will appear this kind of condition, what reason be cause? To introduce LED dengpaoan let below small make up for us.

a, lamp bead different price

light bead is an important part of led bulbs, about the price of the led lamp bead is uneven on the market, high quality light bead and defect lamp bead price may differ a few times, defective lamp bead welding line can use copper wire instead of gold wire, stent use recovered material or leftover material production, and these are ordinary customers can't tell.

2, radiator different price

the principle of Led bulbs glow, converts electrical energy into heat energy, is a necessity for cooling in the process of operation for a long time, the use of the radiator is different, the price is different also, some merchants in order to reduce cost, use of poor quality and even don't install the radiator, the Led light bulbs in the process of long-term operation is not a good heat dissipation, use will shorten the service life.

3, power supply different price

Led bulbs of normal use, need to form a complete set of power is power, use the power of the different price also is different, the quality of power supply transformer and power tube is relatively larger volume, whole looks have qualitative feeling, defective power cut corners on planning, electronic components, some even use the withdraw increased use of insecurity.

4 different prices are different, the mainboard

Led bulbs Led bulbs motherboard is an important part of the current pressure on the mainboard on market basically has permanently driver and constant current, constant current motherboard stability is high, the price is expensive, constant pressure using constant pressure motherboard Led bulb in the lamp body temperature rises cannot very good protection, and then shorten the bulb use life.

5 different prices are different, shell

enclosure is led bulbs unusually, high-quality shell in led bulb cooling process can have very good help effect, defect of thin aluminum shell of low cost, poor heat dissipation condition.

look small make up more than prices for led bulbs we introduce the cause of the big difference, whether we know it, a price a points goods, actually we buy led bulbs of cent don't covet petty gain, buy a defective product, for difficult to difference between customers of quality, as far as possible choose brand led bulbs, brand in extent, is the guarantee of quality.

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