Discuss LED lamp lighting aspects of the development and present situation in the medical industry

by:Sehon     2020-10-06

compare with general lighting, medical lighting either on the lighting demand is still the market access has certain particularity, at present has yet to large-scale popularization. Yet, with technology, demand growth, LED the medical lighting is still favored by the industry, the need of LED medical lighting also in constant development.

LED into the characteristics and the upper hand in the field of medical lighting

as a special way of lighting, medical lighting has some special requirements, compare with the traditional medical lighting, LED lamps and lanterns has characteristics as its orientation, low spectral damage into the upper hand in the field of medical lighting.

as we have learned, directional lighting, medical lighting has a fixed point, high intensity lighting, light color purity ( Has excellent color rendering, the doctor can make clear distinction between different organs and the organization structure, and to a certain extent, best can according to need to adjust the color temperature, raised a certain organ or tissue) And average, shadowless light, low spectrum, structure of sealing disinfection, structure breathable, dimming control, high reliability and other special requirements.

traditional medical lighting halogen lamp is used as the light source for a long time, were adopted in recent years, metal halide lamp as light source. Halogen lamp, metal halide lamp is light in all directions all the typical spatial divergence divergent light source, such a high thermal radiation, full spectrum, the divergent light source, to achieve medical lighting ( Operating astral lamp) Special technical requirements of the above, it is necessary to adopt a series of special technology. Like, dimming control aspect, halogen lamp light intensity control was achieved by adjust the voltage, but the light intensity changes will affect the color temperature and color rendering, etc.

with the traditional medical lighting products, LED energy-saving lamps in the realization of fixed-point, directional, high intensity lighting, lighting dimming control, to achieve high color rendering, low damage has innate, can effectively overcome the shortcomings of conventional medical lighting. Like, LED point light source, lighting light source, only the reasonable chips and packaging design, cooperate one point two times with light and mild, can achieve the directional illumination, the optical system is simple, light distribution effect is ideal; LED all emission spectra in the visible light region, no harmful spectral components such as uv, ir, can prevent ultraviolet damage to human body tissues and fluids caused infrared volatilization and tissue burns, etc.

it can be said that the LED lights to replace halogen lamp as representative of conventional electric light source, lighting, medical lighting in clinical surgery and medical auxiliary diagnosis and treatment of light, in the promotion of clinical medical institutions to check the quality of diagnosis and surgical treatment at the same time, the implementation of green lighting.

medical lighting market threshold is high, the scale is small, but the actual value of the big

as mentioned above, compare with the traditional medical lighting products, LED lighting products are more easily satisfied the requirement of medical lighting, LED itself combined with the characteristics of the particularity of medical lighting market is also makes medical lighting LED one of the best breakthrough point.

generally consists of checking, lighting, medical lighting area surgery, lighting, lighting a few kinds of treatment. Of which represented by operation shadowless lamp, oral floodlight lighting is the most technically complicated operation, security requirement is the most demanding, representative of the highest prices, design the most complex. Also has the industry analysis, points out that in the medical field, besides the operation shadowless lamp, local check lighting lamps and lanterns, such as dental lamp, endoscopic lamp; Used for light lighting lighting, between surgery preparation area; Light therapy for special disease treatment equipment, such as photodynamic therapy apparatus, neonatal jaundice therapeutic apparatus, ultraviolet disinfection lamp and so on, all LED medical lighting fitting for promotion.

from the market point of view, the unique technical requirements and characteristics makes represented by operation shadowless lamp medical lighting lighting products in a very special product, it must be in accordance with the medical equipment management regulations, through rigorous examination, clinical trials for medical equipment product license. So is high technology, high risk, high barriers to entry in the special lighting products, to avoid vicious competition situation facing conventional lighting products.

in addition, medical lighting is high barriers to entry, technical difficult is big, but only a medical equipment & other; Small & throughout; Market segment, large medical equipment enterprise mostly just incidentally medical lighting products, there are few specialized production factory, expensive medical lighting products markets, formed in the field of lighting prices high, semiconductor lighting products in any other field of general lighting faced serious price subject, in the medical lighting effects are relatively less sharp.

' Because medical lighting barriers to entry is high, the market is small, but the market is expensive, so the actual value of the market. Health care is one of the best breakthrough point of semiconductor lighting lighting field, is to be able to display its specialty, is easy to be accepted by the market and promotion of field, also is easy to see rice chaff blowing, hit a professional brand, to the world of a semiconductor lighting professional market segment. ” Chongqing LED lighting industry and r&d alliance director professor wei-min Chen said.

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