Domestic LED enterprises to survive, to reduce costs is the key

by:Sehon     2020-09-29

due to the support for the LED industry, coupled with the industry for the LED industry consensus, make a large number of leds in the middle and lower reaches enterprises have emerged, resulting in the LED market competition is more and more fierce. Intense market competition has prompted a new round of price decline, and how to gain a foothold on the crazy price, cost reduction is one of the important factors.

so reduce cost from the following several aspects.

a: large-scale production and improve yield

using automated equipment to mass production, can greatly improve the production efficiency, cost savings, reduce the cost. In addition, the technological measures and management method of quality assurance system to improve the yield, also is a good way to reduce costs.

2: through technology innovation to reduce costs

to reduce costs to focus on innovation from technology, adopting new structure, new technology, new material, new technology, can improve the LED performance index, and can effectively reduce the cost.

epitaxial wafer cost can be lowered by technological innovation, to reduce the packaging cost, reduce the cost of the LED lamps and lanterns. To realize the integration of upstream and downstream enterprises, the cost was greater room to improve.

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