Domestic LED lighting enterprises how to foothold in the international market

by:Sehon     2020-10-13

with the continuous development of LED lighting lamps and lanterns, LED lamps and lanterns in some developed countries: Japan, Europe and the United States and other regions of the penetration is higher and higher. Contrast is only part of the mall and domestic enterprises to use the LED lamps and lanterns, the use of a wide range of LED lamps and lanterns is very attract foreign domestic each big LED lamps production enterprise. Faced with such a huge market, while domestic began to build a base for the LED industry, enterprise alliance formed between the LED industry. However, to gain a foothold in the global market, Chinese enterprises still have a lot of need to work hard. One of the most important thing is that the domestic LED lighting enterprise's technical level and international level, there is a considerable gap in order to cater to foreign buyers and consumers to the requirement of the LED lamps and lanterns, LED lighting enterprises in China must meet strict technology and safety standards.

we in Europe and America market, for example, how to enter Europe and the United States LED lighting market? Surveying of land science and technology as you analyze the:

a: for products to enter the European Union LED lamps and lanterns, there are several mandatory requirements, such as: CE - LVD is mainly to test the LED lamps and lanterns of the low voltage directive; CE- EMC test EMC directive, the main considerations LED lighting products after the access to the public grid, interference and anti-interference ability of peripheral electric appliance; In addition to achieve real environmental protection, ROHS, REACH and ERP for the environmental protection index of chemical product and energy consumption indicators for testing.

2: for the vast number of buyers, more than a few standard still seems to be enough to amount to mark, especially for high-end buyers, German GS marks, as well as Germany sambo ( 多环芳烃苯二甲酸+ + NP) Is the product quality. Even with GS marks and German products are likely to be higher price, of the triple gem in the market are more welcomed by buyers and consumers.

3: LED lamps and lanterns is in the north American market, has also been widely welcome and pay close attention to. The subsequent technical requirements also become stricter. Besides to meet electrical safety, also need to meet the requirements of emc and energy consumption at the same time. Relevant certification requirements for the LED lamps and lanterns and safety standards for the NRTL certification mark, for the FCC certification, electromagnetic compatibility and requirements for energy consumption Energystar ( Energy star) 。 LED lighting products of various specifications must meet the corresponding rules to get the favour of the buyer in the north American market.

so, in summary, the domestic LED lighting company to LED lighting in the international market share, it must strictly the quality of the enterprise, only by constantly improve the quality of their other products, improve product market competition, in order to in the present stage in the LED lighting market, price is only the manufacturer must be eliminated by market rule, must be eliminated by consumers. So we're surveying of land science and technology enterprise idea is: do not do the cheapest products, only to do the best products.

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