Domestic LED upstream enterprise present situation and the way out

by:Sehon     2020-10-21

in the field under the influence of enterprise to invest heavily in the upstream chip, domestic LED lighting upstream areas appear worrisome situation. Specific performance is as follows: 1. Domestic upstream chip companies underutilized capacity

according to data shows, at present, the domestic companies poured money into the introduction of MOCVD, this will cause enterprise capital chain, capital turnover, such as pressure, at the same time, the domestic LED chip companies upstream MOCVD whole machine for only 40% 50%, which leads to the waste of the MOCVD equipment. Lots of MOCVD machine idle, also enterprise's investment return cycle will be greatly extended.

2. Domestic upstream chip company bargaining power is weak

upstream chip LED domestic enterprises with foreign enterprises in technology still has certain gap, the main application is focused in the field of mid-range. And domestic upstream chip there is fierce competition between businesses, this led to the domestic upstream chip company bargaining power is weak, in the case of excess production capacity, its product price in the competition, easily the upstream chip will directly affect the enterprise's profit ability. 3. In upstream areas affected by the downstream terminal applications in normal circumstances, who mastered the core technology in the field of upstream can contain the whole industrial chain. And the current domestic LED industry is just on the contrary, there are two main reasons:

1. Domestic current upstream of the LED chip companies face is the lack of core technology, product bargaining power is weak, the industry competition is fierce and other adverse factors, makes the upstream enterprise by downstream applications.

2。 Downstream areas are: lighting applications is still in its infancy; In the field of display relatively mature; Market growth is moderate; Demand is also in the field of backlight than expected. These factors caused the LED application needs to be digested in the fields of the upstream downstream of the LED chip production capacity expansion, this LED to the upstream chip industry this year than last year, is a bit difficult.

so, domestic enterprises should give up on the upstream chip in the field of large-scale investment, should focus on the core technology to market and improve capacity utilization, strengthen the competitiveness of the enterprise in the field of upstream. At the same time, the scale of investment should be focused on the downstream areas, this is mainly due to the relative to the upstream downstream competition is loose, and at the same time, its investment scale is quick on the upstream of hundreds of millions of small a lot. Companies can use the current chaos downstream areas, set up their own technical system and brand.

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