Dongguan LED lighting preferential subsidies

by:Sehon     2020-10-31

as the major cities to promote LED lighting lamps and lanterns, as the leading cities and counties of guangdong, dongguan city, also has strong strength in LED lighting. During the year, the dongguan main public lighting will all use energy conservation and environmental protection LED lighting facilities.

held yesterday, dongguan city government said 13 times at an executive meeting in accordance with the requirements, dongguan city, will take the lead in the field of public lighting, namely in roads, public places, government agencies, state-owned enterprises and institutions such as finance or state-owned capital investment of the new lighting engineering field, popularization and application of LED lighting products, the above areas are the new construction adopts LED street lamp, courtyard light and landscape lamps and other lighting products; The original use of LED lighting products, completed by the end of 2013.

according to introducing, promotion from July this year, years to road lighting replacement and new LED street light more than 30000, the main light rate was 100%, and the public indoor public lighting LED lighting rate was 70%. Road, branch 2013 times LED street lamp binding rate was 100%, and the residents living area landscape lighting and public indoor lighting using LED lighting products more than 90%.

according to measure, which can realize lighting energy saving more than 50%, and pull the dongguan LED industry rapid development, to & other; Five-year & throughout; The final estimated annual output value 50 billion yuan of above.

related schemes can be special subsidy scheme was put forward. For each evaluated integratedly, park to organize the implementation of demonstration projects of LED lighting products and recommended target products purchasing LED benchmarking system conforms to the province, dongguan city finance according to the verification of the LED lamps and lanterns is 10% of the price subsidies; Non-governmental units and enterprises to participate in the demonstration engineering and procurement recommended directory products conform to the province LED benchmarking system, according to the verification of the LED lamps and lanterns is 30% of the price subsidies. Single items of projects as the total amount of lamps and lanterns is in 10 million yuan the following, the fiscal subsidy is highest do not exceed 3 million yuan. Lamps and lanterns of single items of projects as a total of between 10 million yuan to 50 million yuan, fiscal subsidy is highest do not exceed 6 million yuan. Single items of projects in more than 50 million yuan of the total amount of the lamps and lanterns, fiscal subsidy is highest do not exceed 10 million yuan.

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