Earth hour to promote LED lighting still need to accelerate the popularization

by:Sehon     2020-09-28

on March 23, 2013, earth hour ( 地球一小时) As global energy conservation activities at 20:30 to 21:30 around the world. This event to promote power management, reduce energy consumption, arouse people to action to deal with global warming consciousness.

this activity obtained the support around the world, but also criticized by some, some people think that the show composition is greater than the practical significance, the global media and individuals have one thousand ways to consume lots of resources to promote & other; Earth hour & throughout; Activities, its carbon emissions by far more than 1 hour to turn off the lights can save carbon.

formalism and actual effect, earth hour has aroused our attention, reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions has become a hot topic. We should all be in real life to reduce the waste of energy, reduce pollution to the environment, and not just rely on the hour to energy conservation and emissions reduction.

according to the New York times ( 《纽约时报》) And, if all the LED lighting technology to replace the traditional light bulb, just for saving power consumption, can be in just 20 years for the world to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 50%. Therefore, the popularity of LED lighting is an effective measure to promote energy conservation and emissions reduction.

with our rapid economic development, reducing energy consumption and environmental pollution have become crucial. “ Treatment after pollution & throughout; Can't go. LED lighting at present in our country is in a period of development, promoting the popularization of LED lighting are more important, is not only the LED lighting industry development, the environmental protection has positive influence.

the popularity of LED lighting efficiency for environmental protection is no longer confined to one hour, earth hour into concrete actions of low carbon emission reduction, and the popularity of LED lighting should speed up the arrival.

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