Energy-saving lamps and LED lamps and lanterns market only

by:Sehon     2020-10-05

from last year, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of Customs, state administration for industry and commerce, general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine jointly issued by the 'about gradually ban on the import and sale of general lighting incandescent announcement has been for half a year, and the fixed on October 1, 2012 at the beginning of the start date is becoming more and more close to phase out incandescent light bulb. Then two candidate player - instead of incandescent bulbs Energy-saving lamps and LED lights what is going on?

the incandescent light bulb has a short service life, large energy consumption, coupled with rising energy costs, the reasons why incandescent lamp history's stage is inevitable, so instead of its energy-saving lamps and LED lights, that can do better? That was the true successor of incandescent lamp? We take a look at, energy-saving lamps and LED lights.

a: the current situation of energy-saving lamps

in recent years, our country has been through a lot of manpower and material resources and financial resources to promote the use of energy-saving lamps. As incandescent lamp, be & other; Teng & throughout; Out of the market for energy-saving lamps are of great development space, more and more companies launched energy-saving lamps lighting products, grab the remaining market.

at present, the energy-saving lamps is consumer daily the most widely used incandescent lamp replacement products. Its efficiency is five times bigger than the incandescent light bulb, the average life expectancy is about 8000 hours, mature technology, with lights, lamps and lanterns is good match, is a simple and relatively low cost of replacement options. However, energy saving and environmental protection should bring out the best in each other, but in the energy-saving lamps, and both have reached the opposite, the problem of mercury doomed energy-saving lamps will eventually be replaced fate: a common energy-saving lamps average mercury content 0. 5 mg, the mercury in the underground will cause about 180 tons of water pollution. If the waste handling, energy-saving lamps in May well become a & other Ecological killer & throughout; And waste energy-saving lamps have been mishandled & other; For many years & throughout; And even now there is still no appropriate policies and measures.

2: the current situation of the LED lamps and lanterns

LED light source, longer service life, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection & other; Theoretical advantages & throughout; Had passed the practice test, all performance parameters of the LED light source is not used to say & other; In improving & throughout; But & other; In further improving & throughout; , LED the development of the industry as a whole outlook is generally positive.

as the incandescent light bulb phase-out and state subsidies on energy saving lighting products, LED lighting market has been accelerated. Industry and even the 2012 hope for popularization in LED indoor lighting, LED the tentacles of household lighting is also gradually into the market. But now the price of LED lighting products LED to invade home lighting market still is one of the most main factor. In terms of price, 1 in the market. 2 meters long, 21 watts LED bulb of the retail price in 200 yuan of above normal, and the same length and wattage of traditional fluorescent tube price basic under 10 yuan; On the incandescent lamp replacement cost, LED filament bulb and the traditional energy-saving lamps in normal circumstances there are at least 8 times more than the price difference. The price gap between nature is the biggest obstacle to LED lighting into the household environment. Dealers also said a lot of lamps and lanterns, the LED household lighting was still in the stage of popularization, more consumers still tend to be relatively low purchase price of the energy-saving lamps; In the domestic market, energy-saving lamps is still the biggest rival for LED lighting products, and household lighting also is energy-saving lamps area.

the LED lamps and lanterns is the developing direction of the future lighting lamps and lanterns, but how to reduce the cost of the LED lamps and lanterns is LED can spread an important part of the market. In fact in this a few years time, the price of the LED lighting lamps and lanterns are - 35% each year 50% pace in the fall, believe in the near time surveying of land science and technology, the LED lamps and lanterns price will drop to every family acceptable range, then is the arrival of the era of LED lighting.

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