Experts led bulbs to choose method is given in detail

by:Sehon     2020-11-05

1, the color temperature

color temperature can be divided into warm and cool color to move, the LED color temperature also divided into the two. If you choose LED lights for bedrooms and living areas, then you should choose the warm color leds. This kind of color of light with color close, let a person feel warm, feel comfortable. And cool color leds suit to be used for kitchen and basement, because these places need bright light, convenient we find something or do the work.

2, color rendering index

CRI, is the abbreviation of color rendering index. Look is tall, simple, is used to display the color of the light source. How specific layout can't, dear friends can ask & other; Baidu & throughout; Or & other; Google & throughout; 。 Learn about the color of the LED lights, can be accurate to buy, make your LED lights become part of your family more harmonious.

3, lumen

this data should be familiar to everyone, shows how bright the light bulb. So whether the lumen is higher, the greater the energy consumption? That is not true, so it requires everyone when choosing LED filament bulb, need to take a closer look at the power consumption of the lumen value with numerical ratios, so that we can choose to product high brightness but low consumption. If you accidentally met such a good product, just bought!

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