Explosion-proof LED project-light lamp product performance

by:Sehon     2020-10-24

explosion-proof LED project-light lamp product performance:

1, choose high brightness LED light source, high power constant current drive power of cooperation, than gas discharge lamp power saving by 60%; LED components all seal, waterproof and dustproof, without internal cleaning and maintenance; Substrate thermal resistance is low, specialized planning module circuit, each unit fault will not affect the normal work the rest of the components.

2, high power constant current drive power cooperation intelligent power regulator; With functions of flux compensation, reduce droop, ensure the LED light source of photosynthetic efficiency; With overvoltage maintenance, maintenance and surge current maintenance function.

3, substrate close to aluminum alloy shell, point heat source can be instantly transformed into heat and heat dissipation area multiplied, conducive to heat rapidly and increase the cooling power; Shell surface with airflow distractions grooves, with air activities take away heat; High density of heat dissipation fins and greatly increase the cooling area, and to ensure the LED heat dissipation requirements, longer service life.

4, for each type of lamps and lanterns of special planning with optical element, full play to the function of lamps and lanterns.

5, no ultraviolet radiation, for a long time at the indoor work of users to provide quality lighting and health protection.

6, choose one-piece structure light source and power supply, power supply chamber equipped with hinge, lamps and lanterns device is more convenient.

7, this series lamps and lanterns is belong to free maintenance product, energy conservation and environmental protection.

8, wall unit rotating viewpoint is adjustable, cable wiring, type suction a top, embedded devices can choose cable or steel pipe wiring.

LED explosion-proof light actually product technology content is not high, the quality of LED explosion-proof lamps and lanterns ready, the service life of LED explosion-proof lamps will be longer. Did this line is quite long, just don't understand, how long can do not pay attention to the quality of the enterprise survival, is in the process of producing, pay attention to the selection of accessories, the rationality of the structure plan, the improvement of the technology, quality control, 100% of high and low voltage product aging more than 8 hours, basically will not have what problem, customers often puts the previously purchased products, useful for less than a year, some only a few months, long time of a little less than 2 years, and let us help repair, see their mostly chosen accessories quality, and the imperfection of the assembly process of the problem. Led to such a situation.

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