Few yuan LED project-light lamp do you dare to buy

by:Sehon     2020-11-06

let's buy something at all in comparison to the price, the appearance, function, etc. As a comparison. With the rapid development of LED lamps and lanterns and LED lamps and lanterns, the price also is different merchants price, on the Internet look at the high power LED project-light lamp, price dozens of times. An LED project-light lamp to buy a few yuan, hundreds of yuan, thousands of yuan, why the price differ so far?

in the small brand of LED lamps and lanterns manufacturer in disorder, there are a number of brand is the LED project-light lamp capital 10 yuan of defect ingredients, to 100 yuan, give you 5 discount. The normal LED lamps and lanterns manufacturer of capital may be more than 300 yuan, 600 yuan, give you a 7 fold, of course, you think your 7 fold, something expensive, then choose the lamps and lanterns of the purchase price is low.

dear friends savvy owner, a product how cheap? There are mainly three points:

1, after a large-scale fruit yield decline in capital;

2, after capital to reduce raw materials down the entire capital;

3, after falling enterprise other fees.

suggested that we (should) buy the lamps and lanterns, don't be captivated by the price, the price is too low in the high power LED project-light lamp, power may not amount to mark, when using unsafe. Surveying of land science and technology is a high power LED lamps and lanterns, in the price of LED lights, LED project-light lamp price is not high not low, conscience seller, our lamps and lanterns parts are imported materials, product passed ISO9001:2008 quality system, ISO14001 environment system and OHSAS18001 health and safety to deal with the world, such as standardization system certification, LED street light products passed the CE standard certification and national CQC certification testing, after guangdong province LED standard system certification.

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