Flexible LED wash wall light when the choose and buy

by:Sehon     2020-10-24

LED wash wall light when the choose and buy needs pay attention to the following:

1, need pay attention to the collocation of color harmony;

2, prevent glare, eliminate eye fatigue;

3, reasonable to spread the light source brightness: ceiling light bright, make the person feels more space, ceiling light, make the person feel the space is narrow, suppressed;

4, in the direction of reflected light and the choice of the strength of the light should be appropriate;

5, lamplight decorate should accord with the height of the ceiling, the environment. Common between 50 ~ 150 lux);

outside the control of the flexible wash wall lamp controller connection to clarify:

high power LED wash wall light is able to use a single device, multiple lights can also be combined concentration device is applied, wash wall lamp device can present what phenomenon? Unreasonable device controller connection will incur all the lamps and lanterns is not bright. DE art beauty lighting wash wall lamp manufacturers to explain how external control wash wall lamp right connection?

external control LED wash wall lamp controller connection to clarify:

the controller for the three core information line, blue A1, B1 to green, red to GND, the signal required from male head into LED wash wall lamp, female head, power supply for the two core, two core brown switch power supply, positive, blue cathode of switch power supply.

LED wash wall light using the advertent items

1. LED wash wall lamp manufacturers in the process of the device and the transport to shock.

2。 LED wash wall light device before to ensure that the device location can accept 10 times the weight of the product. Device in no vibration without shaking, without the center of the fire hazard.

3。 LED wash wall light from the power source of the product on the label.

4。 LED wash wall lamp with delicate devices, please do not remove without permission.

5。 LED wash wall lamp, such as rendering, please back to repair. Wash the wall lamp installation process

1. According to the location of the power supply is disposed to do before the device;

2。 Use screws to fix lamps and lanterns is stronger;

3。 Lamps and lanterns and power cord to connect and strong, no thread wrapped in waterproof adhesive tape;

4。 In connection with a branch power concatenated 8 - at most Ten of the wash wall lamp; Connect power or 50 meters after the other;

5。 Device of the plant after the completion of the first line stop check, confirm the device is correct, no electrical short circuit, through to the corresponding control power supply.

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