For some thoughts on the present situation of LED industry standard

by:Sehon     2020-10-16

first, standard based on the relatively mature product or technology. At present, the domestic semiconductor lighting industry standards seem to lack some technologies, but because of some technical and product has not yet fully formed, if eager to formulate standard limits the future product development and technology development. Therefore, consider first introduced in technical terms, test methods, represented by the basic universal norms and standards, in order to standardize the market, end disorderly competition.

second, standard setting bodies at all levels should be encouraged to coordinate to promote standardization of semiconductor lighting. Standard system including the national standards, industry standards, industry standards and enterprise standards, four are complementary to each other. Local standards introduced gradually for the establishment of the national standards laid a good foundation, enterprise standard, local standard is an important part of national standard system. Enterprise standard, for example, specific to this enterprise features, product standards, is the concrete elaboration and reflect national and local standards. Therefore, the enterprise and the local standards should be more careful, enterprise standards in general should be higher than the national standard. Have as part of the future strategy layout, the strength of enterprises should be in the development of technology and product strength at the same time, through the establishment of its own enterprise standards to promote and enhance the level of national standard.

the third, the establishment of standard system should give full play to the production, study and research cooperation. Play production, study and research in the industrial chain each link of the advantage, according to the project tasks in the form of multiple advantages of research, fully research and test, establish a perfect mechanism of standard research, develop and test. Fully draw lessons from international standards, the establishment of standard system suited to the characteristics of the industry development in our country. Is is the escort industry standards, not to be a part of the enterprise to set the bar for commercial interests.

4, should strengthen the propaganda standard to carry out work. Standards, especially mandatory standards, should be quick to do a good job of publicity and implement of standard content, organizing publicity will implement semiconductor lighting standards, organization and the standard council, standard units to strengthen the application of standard consulting and service work.

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