For sustaining economic growth, LED industry subsidies will be 2. 2 billion

by:Sehon     2020-10-12

under the State Council executive meeting held on May 23, sent a clear signal: start a batch & other; Will guide throughout strong &; whole construction machinery is a global, Major projects. The State Council issued a package of public policy, steady hand growth on a more important position, the most direct and steady growth, is the most effective means of startup investment this carriage.

with the government in 2009, 4 trillion & other; Throw money & throughout; Compared to the current regulation policy breakthrough to mouth. Insiders expect, these policies by project accumulated funds, even more than that & other; Throughout four trillion &; 。 Analysts pointed out that the recent gradually decline in profit in state-owned enterprises, as the national social security fund especially pensions are gradually increasing in the future, state-owned shares transfer of the diluted, corporation after operation is difficult to unstoppable tide of history.

in this big background, the development and reform commission (NDRC), the busiest approved project is up to April 328, almost twice in the same period last year. On May 22, 100 projects is given priority to with clean energy, in the provinces city development and reform commission (NDRC) major projects have dense, according to the China times reported that the National Development and Reform Commission at the gate of reappearance of local government & other; Run the money into & throughout; Sight. In the National Development and Reform Commission official website & other; Throughout project examination and approval and approval &; Bar shows, only on May 21, one day there will be up to more than 100 projects for approval, mostly clean energy, approved the project amount is almost equivalent to the sum total of 20 days before the month of may. Associated with it, 20 days before the may four line 34 billion in new loans, although the number is not much, but the main force of these loans is to the new project.

are energy saving in the part of the city, has for causing & other; Excess capacity & throughout; Controversy and was cold water on the policy of the LED industry also be revisited.

released last week & other; The Ministry of Finance subsidies for energy-efficient appliances & throughout; Stimulation of the New Deal, subsidies for energy-saving lamps, LED lamp 2. 2 billion yuan. “ Energy-saving lamps philips sold $20 now, can not sell out, I now go to neighborhood committees to sell a $5, $15 is the national post, there is certainly a boost. ” In LED industry seminars and guangzhou international lighting fair media communication during the meeting, former director of Shanghai academy of lighting ZhangHaiCong said.

in order to improve the MinYongHua degree, the Ministry of Science and Technology has also proposed recently, in 2015, more than 80% of the chip to achieve localization, large-scale MOCVD equipment, key raw materials to achieve localization, 1/5 of the LED product cost reduced to 2011.

the reporter understands, LED enterprises is difficult. “ European and American markets particularly serious this year, orders fell by forty percent. ” Do the LED lamps and lanterns of a chairman of the board of directors of the company of shenzhen Cai Yahui told reporters. The reporter understands from more than one LED enterprises, Europe and the United States three to fifty percent drop in orders is quite common in the industry. Orders directly lead to many enterprises drop in revenue. Lighting institute according to the statistics found that from last year to a dozen firms listed in the first quarter of 2011, according to annual performance report frequently on the photovoltaic and the factory only two a growth rate of the improved slightly, the other 10 enterprises growth all have varying degrees of decline.

guangzhou international lighting fair, according to Dr Founder Pan Wenbo upcoming 17th June this year guangzhou international lighting fair exhibition area is expanded by 10% last year, reached a record high of 220000 square meters, but companies is decreased by 10% than last year.

under the push of government, the LED lighting industry will get a bigger development in 2012, will be out of the 2011 winter, step on the path of rapid development.

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