For the led bulb wattage choose how should choose

by:Sehon     2020-11-11

for the led bulb wattage choose how should choose? Think the more bright lights, the higher the wattage. Everybody likes the lamps and lanterns of high brightness, and the advent of the era of LED lamps and lanterns, will change the traditional way of the choice of lamps and lanterns, when choosing lamps and lanterns should not only pay attention to the brightness of lamps and lanterns is bright enough, also considering the characteristics of the LED lighting lamps and lanterns is energy conservation and environmental protection.

according to the size of interior space in the home, even at the same time to select the appropriate size of the wattage LED lighting lamps and lanterns, the following for you to design a set of formula for the wattage of LED lamps to replace traditional lamps and lanterns, we can consider when choosing LED lamps and lanterns:

the brightness of the LED lamps and lanterns and traditional lamps and lanterns, energy conservation and comparison:

1 w leds CFL (= 3 = 15 w incandescent w Energy-saving lamps)

3 w LED = 8 w的节能灯( Energy-saving lamps) = 25 w incandescent lamp

4 w LED CFL (= 11 w Energy-saving lamps) = 40 w incandescent lamp

8 w LED CFL (= 15 w Energy-saving lamps) = 75 w bulb

12 w LED CFL (= 20 w Energy-saving lamps) = 100 w bulb

believe you to look at the above formula, everybody when choosing LED lamp wattage should have your own answer in my heart, such as your usual home installed 8 w energy-saving lamps, so when you buy the LED lamps and lanterns of choose 3 w

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