Four big advantage led energy-saving light bulbs

by:Sehon     2020-10-13

we all know that light is constitute the basic elements of visual aesthetics, but also is an important technique in beautification bedroom. Thus the selection of the light source directly affect the artistic effect of lights, and LED lamps and lanterns of energy-saving light bulbs in light color display shows incomparable art, by the broad masses of customers. Let below small make up for let's introduce led energy-saving bulb four strengths.

led energy-saving bulb strengths a, the energy conservation

research data shows that due to the led cold light source, and semiconductor lighting itself without any pollution to the environment, thus compared with incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp its energy-saving efficiency can reach above 90%. Under the same brightness, its power consumption is only 1/10 of incandescent lamp, general is only half of the fluorescent tube. So if we now 50% of the traditional lighting, LED to replace then save electricity in our country every year is equivalent to the sum of one of the three gorges power plant generating capacity, its energy-saving benefit is very considerable.

led energy-saving bulb strengths 2, health

dc drive leds no stroboscopic and no infrared and ultraviolet, and therefore there is no radiation pollution, its high color rendering and other strong light emitting direction; Dimming performance is good and not to occur any error in visual color temperature changes; The cold light source, low calorific value and can safely touch, so these are the incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp. It can supply comfortable light space and can well meet the demand of people's physical health, the light source is to protect eyesight and environmental health.

led energy-saving bulb strengths of three, the artistic

color led products has covered the entire scale of the visible spectrum, and good monochromaticity, high purity, color combination of red, green, yellow led make color and gray scale ( 16. 7 million colors) The choice has great flexibility. LED skills make the bedroom lamps and lanterns is the organic combination of scientific and artistic better, breaking the traditional lamps and lanterns is the edge of the box, beyond the inherent concept of lamps and lanterns in the shape of a so-called, lamps and lanterns is planning on visual sense and shape artistic originality reflect, to a whole new perspective to know, understand and express the theme of light. We can more flexibly use the deployment of optical skills in bright and dark, the combination of light and color, material, structure, planning, improve planning degrees of freedom to weaken the function of lighting of lamps and lanterns, make lamps and lanterns of a visual art, the invention comfortable beautiful lights art effect.

led energy-saving bulb strengths and humanized

there is no doubt the light and human relationship is a eternal topic, & other; People see the light, I saw the light & throughout; Has changed a lot, it is the classic discourse planner understanding of light. The high level of lamps and lanterns is & other; Astral lamp & throughout; Also high embodiment of humanization lighting, room without any trace of common lamps and lanterns, allow people to feel the light cannot find source, embodies the perfect combination of light and human lives of humanized planning.

this is small make up for let's introduce led energy-saving bulb the entire content of the four major advantages. Another small make up bring us a little skill, we all know semi-transparent composite material and aluminum is similar to the candle LED lights, and thus can be put on the ground at will, the corner or on the table, so let make lamps filled with interest and vitality of life.

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