Four big development trend in 2012 LED packaging technology

by:Sehon     2020-11-02

the LED packaging technology mainly to high luminous efficiency, high reliability, high heat capacity and thin four direction development, the main point is: silicon, COB LED packaging technology, flip chip type of LED chips encapsulation, high voltage LED. New light source, new energy and by the 2012 Shanghai international lighting exhibition (BBS) The authoritative, professional and international communication platform to the industry.

silicon leds are the industry more and more attention, because it is better than traditional sapphire substrate LED heat dissipation ability is strong, so the power to do bigger, Cree is the key in the development of silicon leds, it is at present the main problems yield is low, the cost is high.

COB light source with a relatively low production cost, heat dissipation function significantly, and has characteristic of high packing density and higher light density, easy for personalized design, is one of the dominant direction of the development of the future packaging.

present problems is COB in reducing an optical lens caused by refraction of light loss for many times, so in the light and thermal efficiency increase has yet to be improved, the substrate production yield also needs to be promoted.

flip chip type of LED chips encapsulation is one of the aims of the industry to develop. Flip chip type of chip produced a multiple-layered simpler, and can avoid the complex process, makes the production feasibility, plus auxiliary backend chip technology, eutectic solid crystal way on collocation, greatly simplifies the flip chip type chip packaging technology threshold, energy conservation and carbon reduction in the future, under the drive of flip chip type chip packages will be a good solution.

high voltage LED encapsulation is one big key. High pressure, the advent of the product with new thinking to solve solid-state lighting spare energy loss due to the existence of the step-down circuit problems, and to assist the terminal consumers reduce the purchase cost, make different regions under the condition of different voltage operation, can be quick and convenient application.

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