'Four one' take the path of China's LED lighting industry

by:Sehon     2020-10-07

lurking in LED lighting industry are of great economic and social benefits, are of the utmost importance to r&d and production of LED in all countries of the world. Advanced countries from leading technology, industrial policy supporting, promote industry standardization, cultivating the consumer concept of environmental protection and other Four integration & throughout; , promote the rapid development of semiconductor lighting industry. For the development of LED industry in China has a certain reference.

to ensure that the technical advance

LED lighting industry as an emerging industry, there are a lot of important technical need to research. However, technical research, investment big, cycle is long, risk is huge, can not only make enterprises put alone, the participation of the government is also very important, only in this way can promote the development of technology.

in June 2006 for the department of energy (doe) decision support for five major program for the LED lighting, are: ordinary lighting integrated LED floodlight, solid-state lighting products with fluorescent powder system, based on the white LED light rate higher than that of phosphors and organic semiconductor lighting device structure, durable and efficient cavity light-emitting diode. The five projects a total investment of $11 million, sources of funding the government investment is given priority to, accounting for 70%, other 30% of the fund is responsible for project research and development of the enterprise investment. The project is responsible for the unit are well-known enterprise or institute in this field, including osram - Tiffany, ge, Eastman kodak and Stanford international institute.

in the LED industry, the state environmental protection in missed opportunities, major technical problems in many core technologies are occupied by a foreign enterprise, Chinese companies seem to be some passive. China's LED industry how to breakthrough technology, need market exploration and efforts of all parties concerned.

industrial policy to foster

LED industry has great economic and social benefits, many countries have launched the relevant industry supporting policy, mainly including special fiscal spending, preferential tax policies, to encourage the LED industry research and development and investment, establish perfect the system of the LED industry.

Japan is the world's first country to start the semiconductor lighting plan, & other; In the 21st century, light & throughout; Program began in 1998, the budget of about 6 billion yen, the plan by the Japanese meti technology comprehensive development institutions provide funding for new energy industry. In terms of tax incentives, in 2006 - the Japanese regulations 2007 two years, the enterprise or organization using LED lighting device to replace incandescent lighting device, can obtain investment rate of 7% reduction.

the eu since 2000 launch & other; The rainbow plan & throughout; , the execution of the plan by the European Union to set up research agency to be responsible for the organization, to promote the development of high brightness of outdoor lighting market.

China in recent years have also launched a lot of related industrial policy support. The personage inside course of study points out that the government should be more consider is how to maximize the effectiveness of policy support, avoid the waste of resources.

to promote industry standardization

will help decrease the cost of buyers and sellers trading industry standards, and through the main specifications to create competitive advantage. Japan has gone through a few years ago, Japan's semiconductor lighting industry electric light manufacturing association LED product style and measurement standardization, the integration of Japan's 72, 2006 founded the association of LED lighting to promote LED related manufacturers, with making the standard integration, promote the healthy sustainable development of the industry.

in recent years, for the LED lighting standard revision work in our country attaches great importance to, fast standard system construction, the lack of standard conditions have greatly improved. But, both standard setters, and detect the quality supervision departments, almost all have the same feeling: has a standard implementation is not optimistic, and the existing product standard and test method standards was not perfect enough, really operate still faces many problems.

cultivating consumers green

how to make the LED lighting products for the consumer's approval? In addition to the government policy level to support that level of suppliers through technology innovation to reduce the price of the products, consumers the cultivation of the concept of environmental protection is also very important.

Japan in LED & other; Environmental protection & throughout; Propaganda is quite interesting, and its core is to reduce carbon emissions to education people, and people's life and personal health linked to the bedroom. A lot of LED publicity can see & other occasions; If you use this kind of LED lights/lamps and lanterns, how many kg will be for your family to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide throughout the &; 。 Obviously, people care more about his life work much less harmful gas in the space, rather than a country will reduce how much power consumption. In this sense, people are more willing to pay for the sake of his health, so that LED interior lighting naturally get promotion and popularization.

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