Full replacement LED bulbs, the United Nations will completely eliminate the incandescent light bulb

by:Sehon     2020-09-25

'Edison invent the light bulb' ( Is improved after bought the patent) Traditional incandescent bulbs, since 1880 to provide light to mankind, at the time of lighting efficiency is better than traditional lamps and candles, but now the incandescent light bulb is human energy efficiency is one of the worst lighting, same illuminance of incandescent light bulbs, power consumption is the traditional fluorescent light bulbs ( CFL) Above 5 times, life is a fluorescent light bulbs type between a third and one 6, when more power-saving long-lived LED filament bulb started to popularize, incandescent light bulb is energy-saving campaign eyesore.

under the trend of energy conservation and carbon reduction, many countries have regulations to ban incandescent bulbs, including Taiwan also announced in 2008 with 5 years to fully replacing incandescent light bulb, the incandescent light bulb in the lock-up disabled, over the past 10 years, the global sales volume from 12 billion to 2 billion, but there are still many developing countries are still in the sales, use incandescent bulbs, now, the United Nations decided to no longer linger the incandescent light bulb, plan to help developing countries to introduce lighting energy efficiency standards, to eradicate the last incandescent bulbs.

in the United States, new lighting energy efficiency regulations will take effect in 2020, the provisions of the light bulb lighting efficiency must be more than 45 lumens per watt, under this standard, only the fluorescent light bulbs and more efficient LED bulbs can pass, incandescent light bulbs will be banned; Already banned incandescent bulbs Europe, it further in September 2018 to fully eliminate halogen bulbs. In developing countries, however, most of them are not related specification, while the LED light bulb, the bulb used for a long time under more save money, but is not the general consumers in developing countries using the concept of cost, will only because incandescent light bulb itself to buy cheap incandescent bulbs.

in order to solve the energy waste problem, at the end of may, 2018, in Copenhagen, global energy efficiency BBS ( 能源效率全球论坛) , the United Nations energy plan 'for energy efficiency unity' ( 美国为了提高效率,U4E) , non-profit organizations protect natural resources committee ( 自然资源保护委员会,国家发改委) , Signify, together with lighting energy efficiency of modular specification guidelines, to help the global faster to efficient lighting.

the guide provides intends to use the specifications of the developing countries, as long as the 'cut and paste' could easily be legislation, if intends to relief the incandescent light bulbs, halogen bulbs and fluorescent light bulbs are eliminated, comprehensive directly change the power-saving LED bulbs, may choose option 'A' ( 选择一个) ; If going to a gradual, to phase out incandescent light bulb and halogen bulbs, but keep the fluorescent light bulbs, just compare encourage countries LED bulbs, you can choose 'option B' ( 选项B) 。 'Plan for energy efficiency of unity' encourage countries to try to choose A option, in order to create the biggest energy saving benefit, also avoid fluorescent light bulbs type mercury pollution.

it plans to launch the guidance, guidance of general lighting device for specification, only in the future, will be gradually extended to the street lamp, office lighting, industrial lighting and other lighting areas. Natural resources to protect the committee believes that if the current lack of lighting energy efficiency national relevant specification, can use this guide specification, will be able to save 18 billion dollars every year of electricity expenses, can reduce 1 more. 600 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

as long as the incandescent light bulb in developing countries can still be sold legally, global manufacturers can continuous production, exports to developing countries, many nonprofits in landfill in developing countries, have found an incandescent bulb is still widely used in the country, and due to the rapid population growth in the developing world, the power supply is gradually popular, if not hurriedly specification, will increase quite a lot of incandescent light bulb use, lead to a surge in electricity consumption, and to build new power plants, is a big burden for developing countries, developed countries tend to choose coal, to the global environment is a big news. The United Nations hopes to plans to help developing countries reduce energy consumption in the explosion.

just theoretical no actual benefits, 'unity' for the energy efficiency not only the writing norms, more actual recruiting developing countries actively, promote their application lighting energy efficiency standards, the response has been more than a dozen countries, including South Africa, Chile, Bolivia, Indonesia, Nigeria, costa rica, is based on the modular specification guidelines, write their own laws, when the United Nations the smooth enforcement of all countries to the relevant specification, and to carry out the relevant specification, with nearly 140 years of human incandescent bulbs, will gradually vanished from the earth.

'plan for energy efficiency of unity' is not only in view of the incandescent light bulb, the next goal is to make a similar specification on air conditioning, because of the global air conditioning in 2050 is expected to 3, had more power than the lighting and air conditioning, air-conditioning energy efficiency, therefore, is urgent.

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