Green light LED bulbs can reduce error catch chance to conservation of species

by:Sehon     2020-11-04

by British alderney university Dr. Jeffrey Mangel leading multinational team, the latest study, points out that if used on the nets to green to battery power LED bulbs, sea birds and Marine life is entangled in fishing nets will reduce the risk of more than 85%.

team in northern Peru Sechura Bay waters, from the evening began to cast the net until the next day morning a cornucopia, place the group 114 nets were fixed in the sea, each group has two fishing nets, one of every 10 meters installed along the fishnet floating rope a LED light bulb, another not LED filament bulb as control group. Found that installing LED lights of fishing nets, and does not furnish fishing nets, compared to 'South American cormorants' likely to be entangled will be greatly reduced. South America cormorant is endemic to the local, will dive in the water to fish, but also so often trapped in the nets.

the study is published in the 'royal society open science' magazine, Dr Mangel said the results showed that human beings can with a low cost way can let the fisherman in the work at the same time, to reduce the risk of accidentally catch other conservation species.

previous research team had to made similar experiments, then they will also be nets into green LED filament bulb and LED bulbs in no controls, the results show that the turtles were caught the chance by 64%, and there is no influence to the catches. The team is now actively expanding cooperation with Peru fisherman, want to test different colors of light cannot achieve the same effect of different protected animals.

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