Growth is expected in 2012 LED lighting market is close to 200%

by:Sehon     2020-11-10

according to the global market research institutions TrendForce LEDinside's research department data show that in 2011 China LED lighting market size is approaching 12. More on the 25 $9. 7 billion, 2012. 5. 9 billion dollars, the growth rate as high as 200%.

energy-saving trend for light emitting diode ( 领导) Lighting requirements again shout, brand companies have launched LED lighting products, mature markets in Europe and Japan, under the energy saving trend of urgency, actively pursuing a policy of incandescent bulbs, drive LED lighting business.

also riches to keep the Chinese mainland, LED lighting market under the national policy to promote domestic demand increased rapidly, LEDinside forecast for 2011 to 2015 of China's LED lighting market compound annual growth rate of 56%.

LEDinside, said across China LED lighting industry, can be said to present flowers, 2011 time is guangdong province, LED industry is 50% of the total output value of all mainland China LED, including LED packaging production accounted for 70%, 50% of the world.

in light of the LED lighting industry outlook period, 2012 TrendForce annual event LEDforum, namely cooperating with guangzhou international lighting fair, on June 11, 2012 & other; 2012 China international LED the market trend peak BBS & throughout; Global LED market trends, respectively from the angles of application and technical offer in the depth of the geochemical analysis.

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