Guangdong LED enterprises than the developed countries

by:Sehon     2020-10-07

recently, the guangdong people's political consultative conference show & other; Rely on independent set, speed up the strategic emerging industry development in our province & throughout; Special investigation. Speech, said guangdong started early, fast development of strategic emerging industry, power, and is not big gap between the developed countries. As long as the catch autonomous state, the guangdong can compete with the developed country, in some areas take economic and technological high ground.

the three strategic emerging industry development momentum

the speech, said guangdong high-end electronic information, new energy, new LED three key strategic emerging industry to develop rapidly, according to have important status in the country.

guangdong has become an important production base and LED the country's commercial center, the province LED industry to achieve output value 85. 3 billion yuan, output and production accounted for about 70% of the national and industrial scale accounted for about 50% of the national

new energy vehicle power battery production accounted for about 40% of the country, the first in the nation.

high-end new electronic information industry output value and added value reached 484. 8 billion yuan, 121. 2 billion yuan respectively, inheritance, to maintain the leading position nationwide form the software and the emerging of new display two more than one hundred billion yuan output value of industrial group, the backbone companies such as huawei, Renaissance inherits leading new areas.

tend to be more complete industrial chain, the cluster effect significantly

& other; Strategic emerging industry agglomeration situation has been formed in our province, the industrial cluster effect is remarkable. ” Speech, said the province in the software, information, biology, new materials, aviation, high-tech services in the areas of established 13 national high and new technology industry base, the number of the first in the nation.

in manufacturing LED parts and materials in the local and surrounding areas supply rate of 90%, tend to be more complete industrial chain and optimization. In jiangmen and shenzhen for example, jiangmen actively the construction of green light source industrial base, has LED to produce more than 100 enterprises, more than 1000 associated relationship between enterprises, initially formed from the upstream epitaxial wafer yield, middle chip manufacturing LED to the downstream packaging application complete industrial chain, the output value accounted for 1/6 of the province. Shenzhen has LED more than 1000 enterprises, professional staff more than ten thousand people, complete industrial chain, supporting each other, upstream and downstream 2010 output value reached 40 billion yuan.

autonomous state caught early, to grasp the technology department hubs

for strategic industry in our province make different caught early, we intensified the efforts on research and development around the hub area, to break through a batch of high technical content, industrial vision clear hub of technology.

in 2010, our province invention patent grant in the country's first strategic emerging industry, 50 a number of breakthroughs in technology. Dongguan macro digital joint of south China university of technology, sun yat-sen university establish OLED ( Organic light emitting diode) Materials and equipment technology industrialization development alliance, to develop the 2. Five generations OLED flat-panel display complete sets of equipment production lines, technical level with the Japanese, Korea and other countries in the unification of the starting line.

in the LED industry chain, high-end development trend in our province, chip preparation technology patent applications of 1693 pieces, which accounts for about 20% of the total relevant patent, for many years to keep more than 30% growth. Jiangmen really bright group of LED chips, the epitaxial wafer core technology products, nansha crystal company LED chip manufacturing technology are close to or reached the international improve predecessors.

shenzhen, zhuhai car battery technology, because started early, invest big, also the lead of collecting.

is expected to grow from traditional processing business model

in view of this, thought, vice-governor of research group of guangdong started early, fast development of strategic emerging industry, power, and is not big gap between the developed countries. Is currently exist industrial scale is not big, the core technology still has a gap, such as large competitive pressure bump topic, but as long as faith, determined to catch autonomous state this hub link, strategic emerging industry development in our province can break the traditional industry in the industrial chain of low-end only make the traditional development mode of processing business, in the long gap is the starting line to compete with the developed countries, in some areas may take economic and technological high ground, to achieve industrial big span.

the study intended to explore better rely on independent set a way to speed up the strategic emerging industry development in our province, research group vice chairman of CPPCC WenLanZi for staff. Research group has held the provincial development and reform commission (NDRC), the letter committee, department, financial department made part of the symposium, the guangzhou branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences, south China university of technology, industrial technology research institute and other research institutes, and in shenzhen, foshan, jiangmen, dongguan, the research involves the high-end new electronic information, new energy vehicles and semiconductor lighting three key enterprise of research and development institutions, 11 and foshan LED street lamp demonstration project.

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