Guangdong LED the status of enterprise in the domestic LED industry

by:Sehon     2020-11-05

as found in the domestic LED industry more and more rapidly, coupled with the guangdong government's big power LED enterprises support, shenzhen, dongguan and foshan will have LED industry as a pillar industry development. Shenzhen introduced the shenzhen LED industry development planning ', dongguan introduced the dongguan LED industry development and application demonstration work implementation plan ', foshan will be the new light source industry as one of the key development industry.

throughout guangdong LED enterprise present situation, from the point of regional development, LED industry with the focus of shenzhen city, guangdong guangzhou times, other is concentrated areas include zhuhai, foshan, dongguan, zhongshan, huizhou, etc. Among them, shenzhen LED industry research and development strength is stronger, becomes the world's largest solar LED lamps and lanterns, LED back light of the world's major production and supply base of production and supply base, LED display of the country's largest production and supply base, LED encapsulation and LED lighting lamps and lanterns of domestic main production areas. Guangzhou LED the number is not much, but high concentration, driving ability is strong, in the domestic LED industry in high-end level, have certain innovation ability and the sustainable development potential.

after years of development, the LED industry in guangdong province has present a full bloom, has formed a complete industrial chain and supporting ability, early cluster effect. More and more enterprises, especially to master the core technology of the upstream chip giant, have been settled in guangdong. The upstream chip giant, and further stimulate the development of the middle and lower reaches of industry of form a complete set.

now guangdong LED enterprise cluster effect is also to have certain influence in the national and world, has certain brand effect. Enterprises and government should keep this momentum, the guangdong LED the brand continue to be strong. The guangdong LED products to all over the world.

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