Guangzhou from ZhanKan LED lighting development trend

by:Sehon     2020-10-05

since last year, China's LED lighting industry influenced by multiple factors at home and abroad, there have LED lighting business failures. In May 2012, the state introduced a series of led lighting industry of good policy, swept away the haze in the situation of China led lighting industry, good as to give the troubled led green lighting industry had a shot of performance-enhancing drugs. The excitement levels as the global lighting industry barometer of the guangzhou international lighting fair can be seen.

industry gave rise to the industrial structure adjustment

17 years, guangzhou international lighting fair adhere to the professional operation, firm internationalization, specialization and marketization. Only fully market-oriented, to ensure the equality of the stage, can better promote the benign development of the industry.

the market is the best sieve, is the best test stone. The international financial crisis, the global industry is experiencing a new, more profound adjustment, promote industrial structure adjustment is imperative. In order to realize the continuous development of economy, industrial upgrading constantly innovation, industrial structure adjustment is the only way. Guangzhou international lighting fair exhibition platform is a condensed version of the platform for the global lighting industry market, this year the biggest change is one of the exhibitors from quantity to quality competition. For the development of the industry, it is a good phenomenon, suggests that the industry is accelerating industrial restructuring. For brand enterprises, it is a good development opportunity.

by guangzhou international lighting fair, a group of lighting industry of the national key scientific research plan, 863 plan, the torch plan project on the path of industrialization, and enter the international market, shenzhen innovation investment, jinsha, change especially electrician, wanxiang group, investment Banks such as capital quickly took aim at the lighting industry.

grim situation of export, the industry reshuffle tide surging

this year led domestic enterprises IPO enthusiasm remains high. According to statistics, only in the first quarter of this year, will have been listed and momentum of the led enterprises have eight, than last year led bulbs total number of enterprises of the listed company. Among them, on the market in March and will have six. And in the end, who has five days to four LED enterprises have to declare on & other; Pomp & throughout; 。 On the surface, the IPO boom seems to run counter to the industry status. But the analysis of the personage inside course of study thinks, the emergence of the market, in fact, is the enterprise in preparation for the future; Or is likely to be a potential acquirers. “ Temporary trough provides the industry reshuffle the timing of the international giant domestic LED lights and rushed to the listed companies becomes leader of the shuffle. ” Guangzhou international lighting fair founder Dr Pan Wenbo thought. It is estimated that the current domestic LED about 8000 enterprises, in & other; Small and scattered throughout the &; In the state. The industry calls to order through shuffling rectify industry development has been very high. In fact, shuffling surge currents are also in the industry, since last year, shenzhen, foshan, dongguan, zhongshan led lighting enterprise also collapse in cold.

according to the report, by the end of 2011, the collapse of the led lighting enterprises in shenzhen city alone more than 80, with shenzhen together in foshan city, guangdong province, 2011 years is nearly ten percent of the led lighting business failures. In the wake of guangzhou international lighting fair data also shows the signs of the industry reshuffle. According to Pan Wenbo, held in June 17th guangzhou international lighting fair exhibition area is expanded by 10% last year, reached a record high of 220000 square meters, but companies that was down more than 10% last year, from 2900 to 2600, shows the increase of concentration of the enterprise, industry reshuffle is beginning.

strong domestic and foreign enterprises compete

enterprise international competitiveness is forms the foundation of national competitiveness. It is reported, the 2012 guangzhou international lighting fair brand exhibition significantly increased, the booth area over 584 square meters at six. Last year, for this only one area of the booth of the enterprise. Now, the brand of international giant enterprises have also emerged, with the help of the international platform to display their brand image, the domestic national brands have joined the ranks of athletics, illustrates the rise of the domestic national brands.

in recent years, with the sustained and rapid development of national economy, the rapid led lighting, lighting in our country enterprise international competitiveness constantly improved, gradually narrowing the gap with international brand, some enterprises one of the leading companies in the world, more in the international lighting industry occupies a place on the stage. Guangzhou international lighting fair international competitiveness for the enterprise to create a good system and social environment, in the future development, our country is in a leading position in lighting and led enterprises but than multinational companies to learn faster, more effective, to surpass the goal can be realized.

Pan Wenbo said, guangzhou international lighting fair international mainly displays in: first, to help domestic lighting enterprises to fully demonstrate its position in the international, to build a good platform for them, and help enterprises to carry out international exchanges. Through interaction, for the development of the enterprise, management mode, management, and other benefits; Second is to let more and more international companies involved, will be one of the world's most advanced technology and product and brand concept to China.

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