Halogen lamp can change led light bulb

by:Sehon     2020-09-25

halogen bulbs is able to switch to LED filament bulb, if you want to replace the general halogen bulbs with LED bulbs, brightness will brighten, but demand is very cautious. To pay attention to the questions:

1, the LED light bulb glow on market characteristics determine its markers and location is different from general halogen lamp. Halogen bulbs is light.

LED filament bulb is planar light.

the original car for halogen lamp planning lamp bowls, lens and so on can is good enough to match with LED lights, it will lead to divergent, near-far effect of light, light also can affect the other side of the vehicle.

2, the light bulb heat dissipation problem. LED homework calorific value is very big, although now LED filament bulb have brought a small fan may be metal with used for cooling of thermal conductivity, but a defective bulb on the treasure really cannot ensure effect, one thousand out of a problem, the insurance company will calculate your privately refitting, affect the claim.

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