High voltage LED method to improve the efficiency of the LED bulbs

by:Sehon     2020-10-26

use the LED lamp as the light source to replace the thread screw-plug incandescent light bulb has many benefits. In general, we will be small, 5 - 9) LED together, using a power supply converts line voltage to low voltage ( Usually for dozens of v) When the current is about 350 to 700 ma. In determining how best to let the user with the process of line voltage blocking, we need a thoughtful, weigh the pros and cons. We can finish in the power supply, can also in the process of the LED device for this block. In some low power design, LED the physical barrier is a commonly used method, because it promised to the use of capital is lower than cut off power supply.

booster power smaller size, higher power

intention depicted the power of photographs. Even if the power supply the output power is roughly same, but there are some significant differences influence power scale. Booster power inductors scale significantly smaller, due to its lower energy requirements. Compare booster power, step-down power has a larger resistor. The resistor is a simulation load resistor ( As shown in figure 2 the R20) Resolution for dimmer when to open silicon controlled rectifier ( 可控硅) 。 Demand is the reason for this is that in three-terminal two-way thyristor dimmer switch components surrounded by an electromagnetic interference ( EMI) Bay capacitor, is under no load conditions of relative power supply voltage. So disrupted power supply, which leads to the unstable dimmer. Use booster power but don't need to do this, because the LED after boost inductor cohesion to input, for its supply enough load, so the above problems is not a problem. Did not appear the opposite side of the circuit board, but as shown in diagram, step-down power more low level circuit. So, boosting the power with lower power consumption, this point in the space limitations such as LED bulbs to replace type of great importance in use.

therefore, because of its high voltage LED the characteristics of low power consumption, low temperature rise, can add the screw-plug assist the using life of LED bulbs. It is using the booster instead of step-down power supply, power supply and power is to complete the progress. The loss of the booster power is about half of the step-down regulator. Other, booster power less components, power factor better, smaller, and use three-terminal two-way thyristor switch component complete dimming is simpler.

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