Hong Kong will introduce intelligent street light system using LED bulbs

by:Sehon     2020-09-25

the 10th world spring lighting fair 9, Hong Kong, the Hong Kong SAR government highways department revealed that during the exhibition will be held next year introduced the 400 intelligent street light.

last 4 days of lighting exhibition sponsored by the Hong Kong council for trade in and beyond 1350 exhibitors from 13 countries and regions gathered in Hong Kong convention and exhibition center, show various lighting products. Organizers arranged many meetings and BBS for industry together.

the SAR government street lamp of highways department chief engineer yeh kuo-liang held during the exhibition & other; Throughout Asia lighting & meeting; The argument that the SAR government will start in 2019, multi-functional intelligent lighting system, introduced to spend three years time, in is located on Hong Kong central, admiralty, causeway bay, wan chai, and Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, kwun tong, and kai tak, installation of about 400 - intelligent street light. It will be in Hong Kong to carry out the important step in the process of intelligent city.

yeh kuo-liang show that intelligent street lamp can collect real-time city information, road conditions, the measured data, the air pollution index according to the facts, etc. He thought that intelligence is not a simple concept of science and technology city, should be more convenient public days, during which needs to use the Internet of things. Hong Kong now has 220000 street, just the Internet of things can be used to cooperation.

according to introducing, intelligent lighting planning and Hong Kong are now using ordinary street lamps difference is not big, but intelligent street light LED filament bulb, at the top of the antenna to connect the Internet, set inside the different sensors. Engineers can distance switch or control intelligent street light and shade, and real-time monitoring the street light whether need repair or replace the light bulb. Kuo-liang yeh said, use and replace the LED bulb can be cut 30% power consumption, the optimization of the light and shade regulate and estimates can be further 20% electricity saving.

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