Household led bulbs performance

by:Sehon     2020-10-15

household led bulbs is a good assistant, let's day bring us the light and energy conservation and environmental protection together. So we in the purchase of LED lights, attention should be paid to the LED the whole lamp life by all the planning and the cooling plan, other and pay attention to comprehensive factors such as the power supply quality. Let below small make up for our household led bulbs function and refer to know the price.

a, household led bulbs function

according to our plant by local small, if it is used for the main lighting is greater than 5 watts of household led bulbs effect will be better, just now the skills of the head of a bed lamp of desk lamp and so on some important lighting local does not recommend using the following 5 w led bulb. Only under 5 w as ever-burning lamps corridor corridor and the night, the other can also be used for decorative lighting, such as the main lighting. Led bulbs is commonly used now is 3 w can replace practice 8 w energy-saving lamps, about 5 w led bulb can replace around 12 w energy-saving lamps and 9 wled bulbs instead of 25 w energy-saving lamp, the other 12 wled bulbs instead of 30 w energy-saving lamps and 15 wled bulbs instead of 40 w energy-saving lamps, 18 wled bulb energy-saving lamps can be substituted with 50 w etc, thus led bulbs in the aspect of energy conservation to be equivalent to 36% of the general light bulbs, that is to say, so can energy saving 64%.

brief said divided by the lamp bead amount is only branch lamp bead lumen value, the higher the value, the more energy efficient, but under the reasonable equipment that is a chip to accept current is required, given the current is too large, the LED chip is unacceptable, forming die the status of the lamp. Led drive power supply will be fever, and directly affects the use of lamps and lanterns become old, yea, the last generation of Led bulbs in use car aluminum radiator is planning, the lamp body heavy, also a waste of resources, new choose stamping aluminum Led bulbs, more modern, more lightsome, joint delta Asia research and development of science and technology now the structure of the ceramic body heat dissipation, high efficiency heat dissipation, the Led ball bubble to reach better brightness.

the chip quality household led bulbs for now, Europe and the United States, the main brand good price expensive, Korea were mainland again next. Chip quality, price and quality has a direct effect of light. Joint delta Asia technology chip practices, choose three Ann in Taiwan or wafer outdoor series products use the CREE or pury chips. Other visual technology, appearance is smooth and no burrs, marginal combined with cohesion is compact.

2, refer to know the price of household led bulbs

the price of household led bulbs in 10 yuan or so commonly, of course, different regions of the merchant in price there will be differences, but the overall change is not big.

the above is the introduction of household led bulbs for us function refer to know the price and all the content. Other small make up hints, household led bulbs use long hard to avoid can appear the phenomenon of damage, we are in household led bulbs when remember to block the power supply first, such ability let's life safety guarantee is useful.

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