How can the domestic LED lighting popularize civil market

by:Sehon     2020-10-13

a lot of the personage inside course of study thinks, China's civil lighting huge market capacity, the civil market was opened, the LED lighting is up & other; Guangming road & throughout; ; Accompanied by October this year China start out incandescent light bulb, and LED lighting will usher in a new opportunity for the development of civil market. LED civil market in China how much expectation, LED lighting how to infiltrate into the field of civil? Guangzhou earlier in June of 2012 during the exhibition, philips Asia marketing director xue-jun zhou in the LEDforum2012 China international LED the market trend peak BBS ', said on LED commercial lighting market while carrying your expecting, but its market share is far less than the LED professional lighting market. China's civil lighting market potential huge market this is beyond doubt, but the consumer in the form of LED lamps and lanterns of civil largely determines the direction of the LED lighting market. Because, LED lighting and other lighting has the essential difference between the mode of consumption, the main difference in LED high energy, the most crucial difference or long service life. LED lighting civilian consumer market reflects the way of consumption has two kinds: one is when the house is decorated project traders buy; The second is the lamps and lanterns of ordinary consumers replace home to the store to buy. Say the first kind, first for many engineering decoration company, is already very familiar with the concept of LED lighting lamps and lanterns, under the idea of promote energy conservation and environmental protection, many engineering would recommend owners to buy LED energy-saving lamps and lanterns, the owner in the general case in accept engineering business proposal. In this case, the LED sales up relatively well, only this way of consumption items are engineering business rather than residents, because the project is to provide the most several arch owner choose lighting brand, general engineering, make a decision. So this a domestic lighting market need to be designed according to the using characteristics of the engineering contractor. At the same time, this also will be affected by the real estate market turnover factors such as interference in market volatility. The second consumers themselves to the market to buy, and this kind of circumstance also is not very common in the present. First of all LED lighting in ordinary consumers heart also not mature concept; Then under the control of the high price of LED lighting products, consumers tend to choose relatively cheap traditional energy-saving lamps. Incandescent light bulbs, but exit the market, free market space for the LED lighting civilian consumption ways exist positive stimulus. In the real estate industry prospects under the premise of not clear, not too much looking forward to the civilian market, because the first civilian consumption time period is too long. The service life of the LED lighting lamps and lanterns in 30000 hours, and use time is five hours a day, is to use the 6000 days, the LED lamps and lanterns use time is more than a decade, at least when the lamps and lanterns is bad, estimate the home decorate already changed. The second replacement type consumption accounts for only a few LED lighting civilian market. But the second option on current form, it will be a long time. Worthy of advice is that no matter which kind of way of consumption, LED with retail sales in the field of civil pipeline construction is still the key. Japan LED lighting market is currently one of the most mature LED lighting market in the world, and Japan LED the civilian market penetration is very high. China's LED lighting market in addition to acting on the government's policy to follow, more will have corresponding reference on actual consumption application in Japan.

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