How many led bulbs? How to maintain the LED light bulb?

by:Sehon     2020-10-13

than incandescent lamp, LED more durable, so you will find that in the past ten years, more and more people use, the LED lighting professional development greatly. And how to choose suitable led lights, many problems such as how to maintain the led lamps and lanterns has become a lot of customers are most concerned topic. How to change the led? How to maintain the LED lamp? Below small make up a brief for you about these two problems.

in led lights?

1。 To know the composition of the led lights, led lamps and lanterns has power, ranging from several sample sizes, and each has its own corresponding to the same power drive, for example the 3 w led lamp needs a stable output of 3 w driver.

2。 The internal structure of led lights do not need to ignore, interested can open it and see, very short. 3 w leds is 3 1 w small lights in parallel. General drivers and led lights have a fixed interface.

3。 Led lamp is not lit, why not say of the other ( Don't say no electricity) With electric power 220 v household electricity, if not bright, that are either drive is broken or broken led lamp itself. So try to get a good drive and led lights.

4。 Led lights on the ceiling, perhaps we need small ladder stool to come near it, but how to remove it. Small make up is like this do drop: the screwdriver on small suction cups, with the sucker is living at the bottom of the led lights, sucked down easily.

5。 Led lights down time beware, its opposite, there are two spring clasp, don't hurt yourself. Keep in mind! The power is now closed. No kidding.

6。 Led lights, ( Good led lights, if light, led lamp is broken, it is been substituted if or not bright,) You drive, use tape to good drive and the power cord with tape seal, put the led and driver cohesion, bright, the driver is broken.

how to maintain the LED lamp?

1。 Buy back after the lamps and lanterns, don't busy device, carefully reading device to clarify, again according to the device to clarify according to good lamps and lanterns, or the possible risks.

2。 In don't change the structure of the lamps and lanterns, clean to protect also don't replace the parts of lamps and lanterns, after protection, should install lamps and lanterns is good according to the sample, don't packing, wrong parts of lamps and lanterns.

3。 As far as possible do not frequently switch when applying the lamps and lanterns, although the number of leds switch resistance is generally at the mercy of the fluorescent lamp September 18th times, but still too frequently affect the leds internal components become old, yea, and then affect the lamps and lanterns is full.

4。 Pay particular attention to is that in addition to the special LED lamps and lanterns, general use LED lamps and lanterns should be avoid in the moist environment. , humid environment will affect the LED drive power supply components, components be affected with damp be affected with damp, lamps and lanterns days be shortened.

therefore, moisture is the crux of the lamp is acted the role of maintenance, especially in the bathroom, LED lamp and the kitchen stove headlights, device should be dampproof lampshades, to avoid moisture invasion, prevent present corrosion damage may leakage short circuit.

in led lights? How to maintain the LED lamp? If you find there is something wrong with the LED lamps and lanterns, you can according to the above steps for the replacement of lamps and lanterns, replace the new LED lamps and lanterns can return to normal after use. Customer demand also attaches great importance to, of course, the unit of the LED lamps and lanterns and open it in LED lamps and lanterns, must need to ensure that the power is power.

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