How many led bulbs

by:Sehon     2020-10-02

the led lamp is broken just need to change, led lights how to change a lightbulb?

in the first place, will switch off first, and then with the help of a ladder down down led lamp shell, check whether the lamp is with dark hair and dark hair. If lamp black, suggests that leds basic has been damaged, need to go to the hardware store to buy a new bulb replacement. If the lamp has not been damaged, should tighten the tube to see if joint contact undesirable phenomenon, this kind of situation is also often happens.

if these problems are not, you can check the ballast are in good condition, for the smell of burning. If the ballast appearance appear black burning phenomenon, then it is likely to be ballast is appear problem, only need to replace a can, ballast price is usually more expensive than leds. Finally, we also check the contact of the led lights for electricity, if not, then should be the problem of switch or circuit.

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