How much is the brightness of the led bulbs in general

by:Sehon     2020-10-12

a, what is the brightness

in the lighting lamps and lanterns is usually measured in lumens this unit the brightness of lamps and lanterns, the flux of the unit. Luminous intensity is 1 candela ( cd) The point light source, in the unit solid Angle, 1 steradian) Within the luminous flux for & other; 1 lumen & throughout; , English abbreviation ( lm) 。 So-called lumens briefly, is refers to a candle candle displayed in one meter outside of the brightness. Flux is told in the human physiological point of view, he is depicted within unit time produces visual response to the strength of light radiation ability, unit is the lumen, also called brightness.

2, led lamp brightness is usually how much

a general 40-watt incandescent bulbs, its luminous efficiency is about 10 lumens per watt, and can emit light of 400 lumens. 40-watt bulb 220 v, the luminous flux of 340 lumens.

so let's take the wonders - a LED P38 lightning lamp to illustrate the brightness of the led lamp and save electricity. 领导, P38 lightning to shoot the light, the optical quantity ( Lm) :500 lm / 450 lm。 Power: 7 w, the input voltage: AC90 - 265 v, can see see, LED - P38 lightning shoots the light energy is 500 lm with general incandescent lamp, appropriate and incandescent lamp takes 40 w power can only be reached, and led lamp only need 7 w. Learned from the data that led to shoot the light, and save electricity and high photoelectric conversion.

three, led lamp brightness?

  LED( Light emitting diode) General use luminous intensity (brightness 发光强度) Shows that the unit is candela CD; 1000ucd( Micro candela) =1 mcd( Blessings, la) , 1000mcd=1 cd。 Indoor use only the LED light intensity is commonly the ucd - 500 50 MCD and outdoor use single LED light intensity should be generally MCD - 100 1000 MCD, even more than 1000 MCD.

4, how to distinguish the brightness of the led lights?

1。 Average life spans, which, unlike anything else, the light source is about the average life spans, said is a batch of light lit up at the same time, the failure moment, when 50% of the light source is the source of average life spans. Generally dome light will be guaranteed for a year, in fact, their life spans more than one year, so we can rest assured use.

2。 Stroboscopic light flashing the number of times per second, why do some fluorescent lamp at home old think it in a flash, was actually electrical owe good, can't give the reason why he provide a stable voltage, large stroboscopic light damage to the eyes of most, fluorescent light stroboscopic serious.

3。 How much luminous flux, just as its name implies, is the light source. Just colour reaction degree of light source object. Incandescent light bulbs, we thought that the sun and response of object color is the best and the most true, so give them the color rendering of define for 100, the general color rendering index above 80 is a good light source, but generally absorb dome light is difficult to do.

4。 Color temperature, absolute temperature (K) to show that is a standard blackbody, heating temperature rise to the level must be colour beginning by red Pale red - Orange - White - Blue, gradual change, the color photograph of a light source and blackbody at the same time, let's call blackbody absolute temperature at the time of the light source color temperature.

summary: how about the brightness of the led bulbs are generally much discriminant knowledge is a brief introduction of the brightness of the led lights, here small make up want to say is because in fact based on blackbody radiation correlated color temperature close to the light source the light color, the value of the light source light color performance, is not an accurate color contrast, therefore, has the same value of the second light source color temperature, may still have a little difference on the color appearance.

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