How much LED bulbs than regular bulbs save electricity

by:Sehon     2020-11-05

LED filament bulb than regular bulbs save electricity? 1. Only a few degrees electric consumption high efficiency and energy saving: one thousand hours! ( Generally 60 w incandescent seventeen hours 1 KWH, general 10 w energy-saving lamps one hundred hours consumption 1 KWH)

2。 Long life: semiconductor luminescence, no filament, no glass bulb, not afraid to stir, invulnerability to breakage and use the stature of up to fifty thousand hours ( General incandescent light bulb use full of only one thousand hours, general energy-saving lamps use stature also as long as eight thousand hours)

3。 Light: light, no ultraviolet and infrared radiation does not occur! ( General lighting line contains ultraviolet and infrared)

4。 Green environmental protection does not contain harmful elements such as mercury and xenon, conducive to recover and, and electromagnetic interference will not occur, Usually contains the elements such as mercury and lead in the tubes, electronic ballast of energy-saving lamps will happen electromagnetic interference)

5。 Protect eyesight: LED energy-saving lamps use dc drive, no stroboscopic ( Generally light is ac drives, stroboscopic)

6。 High luminous efficiency: small LED bulbs fever, 90% of the electricity converted into visible light ( Generally incandescent bulbs 80% of electrical energy into heat, only 20% of the electric energy into light energy)

7。 High safety factor, the required voltage and current is small, less heat, no potential safety hazard, in mines and other places of risk

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