How to break through the dilemma in 2012 LED lighting industry?

by:Sehon     2020-10-13

review in 2011, it is easy to find the hardships of the LED lighting industry. Large number of business failures, LED lighting product quality is uneven, delayed occupation standard come on stage, domestic consumers for LED products, it should not be LED to the slow development of LED lighting industry in 2011. Then in 2012, we how to break through the dilemma for the sustainable development of the industry, become the pressing problem facing many LED enterprise.

a: market resources needs to be further consolidation

domestic LED lighting industry in the past two years is explosive growth. However, in this hot trend of development, the LED lighting industry investment signs of overheating, at the same time, the LED industry vicious competition phenomenon began to emerge.

the same power of LED lighting products costs 3 ~ 4 times that of the traditional lighting products, but the market on a large number of LED lighting products are manufactured at a low price to grab market, significantly reduce the trust of consumers.

according to the national sales roadmap, from this year, China's lighting industry will accelerate entering & other; Energy saving time & throughout; 。 Billions of government purchase large single and subsidy policies are introduced. However, the popularity of LED lighting products in China market rate did not keep pace with the footsteps of good policy. How to break through the dilemma in the development, seize market opportunities, promote the development of circulation of the industrial chain, it is worth thinking about.

surveying of land science and technology that can pray in LED core technology breakthrough, integration of resources, reduce the price of LED products, promote the popularization of products. To this end, frequently on the photoelectric recently launched & other; Factory hatching plans & throughout; To more than 10 years experience in the successful exploration of LED lighting industry and technology research and development design platform, large-scale production capacity, business models and market operation experience Shared with partners.

2: industry standards need to be on

LED lighting industry frequent domestic product quality problems such as sampling qualified rate is low, one of the main causes is lack of standard domestic LED lighting industry. So far, the LED in China has experienced 20 years of development, but still lack of domestic industry recognized national standards. The personage inside course of study analysis, lack of standard LED lighting market strange phenomenon, it will be high-end LED lighting products & other; A bad & throughout; Because the low-end products can easily get a project at a lower price, it is for the development of an industry is very adverse.

as the national LED big province, guangdong has been in the forefront of discovery LED industry development, in 2011, the guangdong province pledges inspect bureau and the provincial department jointly issued the first Asia 'LED lighting industry standard system planning and road map', the planning of guangdong province set up more than 130 items in five years to take the lead in LED local standards, and standards & other; Higher starting point & throughout; 。

to set standards, and it is a high starting point of the standard, the overall level of industry must be first. In LED lighting technology standard in the research, development, use and service areas such as nonprofit technology cooperation and reached consensus on the industry, to promote promote high standards of the whole industry, promote the benign development of the industry.

but to do these two points, not only the enterprise itself can do a good job, the national government must pay attention to, good policy strategy, not only provide subsidies, and formulate relevant measures, regulating the industry, to assist the industry on the right and fast way.

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