How to choose and buy high quality led wash wall light

by:Sehon     2020-10-30

many customers consultation, as the buyer, how to distinguish the stand or fall of led wash wall light? In fact many online articles are popular science, but is very professional, in the absence of professional testing equipment we, how to identify the stand or fall of LED wash wall light?

to introduce you to refer to the following points to distinguish:

see appearance, to observe the work details, exquisite appearance, no acute Angle, colour is the colour of oxidation, oxidation, and the list due to the LED wash wall lamp is usually aluminum radiator and lamps and lanterns. High purity aluminum material to oxidation good oxidation color, this ensures that chooses to pure aluminum LED wash wall lamp.

to see the light of lamps and lanterns power

let's choose the root cause of the LED lamps and lanterns is to save energy, save money, as long as high luminous power, long life LED to really play a role of energy saving money, and the same is the LED lamps and lanterns, high power LED lamps and lanterns is 50% higher than the average power LED lamps and lanterns shine above, is a more than 50% energy saving effect.

without testing equipment can only use comparison method, using same practice power LED lamps and lanterns or the lamps and lanterns, the same comparison experiments, high brightness is more better. Some power than the measured power LED lamps and lanterns, doing, much higher, the lamps and lanterns, is not a good lamps and lanterns, this is due to the driving power of lamps and lanterns is low, and remember to buy the LED lamps and lanterns is to buy its photosynthetic efficiency, obvious brightness is to buy rather than power.

the cooling power criterion

general users don't have thermometer, can only rely on hand to distinguish, the environment temperature according to the change of season, on the same day of the test can have several different temperature, but the temperature is almost the same of lamps and lanterns, heat dissipation function to test the LED lamps and lanterns, discriminant LED lamps and lanterns of the cooling effect to the temperature of lamps and lanterns, the two heat dissipation structure of the same power LED lamps and lanterns lit at the same time, which is the earliest arrive at high temperature of lamps and lanterns, so that compared with the cooling of lamps and lanterns is good, also is the light source and heat sink thermal resistance is small, grasp the above three basic can choose the real good quality LED wash wall light!

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