How to choose and buy led lights cup

by:Sehon     2020-10-11

now on the market to sell a variety of lighting lamps and lanterns, led lamp cup is one of them, this kind of lighting lamps and lanterns, the function is good, environmental protection and energy saving, favored by consumers like, so it accounts for a share of the market share is not small. Below and let's go to know led lights cup product features to choose and buy the led lamp cup.

    LED lights cup is with LED light source, the constant current drive, optical lens and has a high heat conductivity coefficient of radiator shell combination of the new illumination lamps and lanterns. LED lights cup of concentrated principle and the principle of the flashlight condenser, lamp cup using parabolic surface planning model, improve the LED reflective cup photosynthetic efficiency and reduce the loss of light, and perhaps dazzle light, useful down light loss. Led lights cup inside the reflective surface coating has two kinds, respectively is: orange peel coating and smooth surface coating. After plating, reflective cup reflective high efficiency, not to take off layer, high temperature resistance.

    Led lights cup products feature

& emsp;   Characteristic one: the colourful

colorful led lights cup, there are red, yellow, blue, green, white and three color combinations or 7 colour change, three color jump to add colour, three color flicker, three color gradient colour synchronization, three color gradient jump colorful synchronization and so on a variety of color changes.

    Feature 2: the number of LED many

the number of the LED lamp cup, LED more common: the number of the LED MR16 lamp cup between 6 to 20. PAR20 type the number of the LED lamp cup between 9 to 38; PAR30 type the number of the LED lamp cup above 38, monochrome or seven color effect.

    Three characteristics: use fixed number of year long

LED theory utilizing life 100000 hours. As calculated by 8 hours a day, the theory of life in more than 27 years.

    The four characteristics: low energy consumption

low average power, LED lamp cup, monomer about 0. 05 w per hour, so even more monomer compound together, the total energy consumption is low, a single LED lamp cup only one over ten of the section the same brightness of incandescent lamp, energy consumption of the energy saving effect beyond the energy-saving lamps.

    Led lights cup product technique of choose and buy

& emsp;   Skills one: first of all, from the appearance of the LED lamp cup, the LED lamp cup, external image and structure, choose a style that oneself like, the products are the details of the external image of as a product of the process and the stand or fall of quality, carefully check the product structure, appearance is smooth and is still rough, share of components of harmony, all of these can be seen that the quality of the products is good or bad.

    Skills 2: see the detailed parameters of LED lights cup goals. The key goal is: the luminous flux led lamp cup, the unit Lumen, consumed power, single W, Lumen/W lights, namely the higher light efficiency is good; Use of long life; Lamp holder specification etc. It is the focal point that let's check, through comparing parameter, from the aspects of inner understanding LED lamp cup, quality is good or bad.

    Three skills: investigation LED lights cup when electricity in addition to the light color, can ask merchants to light, and then investigate its brightness and light color, the lights will give people a feeling of dazzling, if there is any bright spot and rated of light, the lamp is soft and clear.

    Conclusion: in this praise highly efficient energy-saving and environment-friendly society, with low consumption, high efficiency advantages such as environmental protection of the widespread application of led lamp cup is must, through the above introduction, you know for the led lamp cup deeper? Mastered the skills of choose and buy? Hope this introduction can help you.

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