How to choose control light led project-light lamp

by:Sehon     2020-10-01

LED project-light lamp ( LED筒灯) Also known as the spot, projection lamp, lamp and so on, is actually decided to LED lamps and lanterns of beam Angle lens viewpoint, but the same point of view of the lens, in different design products, out of the beam width may have differences. In accordance with the requirements, LED project-light lamp control light utilization should be less than 6 & deg; The lens, such a narrow beam of light, the light of the wandering together, forming the concept of point light. Control light project-light lamp is mainly used to make using of the building decorative lighting, space and commercial lighting, decorative elements heavier, its appearance has a round and square, because generally have to consider heat dissipation, so its appearance and the traditional project-light lamp is still have some differences.

now on the market commonly used LED project-light lamp is basically choose 1 w high power LED, there are a few companies due to the heat dissipation good skills to deal with, and use the LED 3 w and higher power. The biggest can do more than 10 w power. Suitable for big occasions flood lighting, building material, etc lighting.

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